Sunday, June 6, 2010

[video] SHINee Onew on YHS 100606

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hahahha this is really a preety hard hit~
i wonder if he punish's his dongsaeng's like that... hahhaha

poor guy he cant keep up with onew.. hahhaha

[video] SHINee Key's Star Call Video Message

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You can hear Jonghyun at the background kekekek

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

[photo] Shinee JongHyun Funny moments!

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hahahha JJong your making me love you more! ^^

JJong dont ever forget to remove your hair pins and give it back to noona!

Jonghyun: oh its Lee seung gi!

Jonghyun: oooh i like my photo! let me take a picture of that!

Jjong's bead are falling apart! oppsie!

Jonghyun-ssi! whats with the bottles?

Jonghyun: oh its nice to meet you....... mr. lamb?

Checking your abs? ^^ me wants to see too! kekkekekekekke

[photo] SHINee Key's Fashion

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those Denim Jackets are soo pretty! Only Key can pull these off!

2010.05.29 @ SBS Environmental Day Special Event

10.05.30 @ Boombio Outlet 2nd Anniversary

Monday, May 31, 2010

[photo] SHInee @ SBS 'Marinetime Exploration' 10.05.27

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Sorry you guys ive been so busy at work and busy updating SS501! as you all know they'll be making their comeback!
Anyways... i just cant stand it! i have to have to share these photos to you guys!
those guns are killing meee!!! ohmygawd...!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[news] MBLAQ Mir parodied Rain's 'abs dance'

CR: Source: NEWSEN + Translation: mir-ified @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

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nyahahhhaha now cant wait to see this!!

MBLAQ’s Mir revealed his following of ‘Rain Boss’s abs dance.’

Although MBLAQ member Lee Joon, who has been gathering popularity for his nickname ‘Little Rain,’ has showed his company’s representative Rain’s ‘abs dance’ before on broadcasts but for Mir showing the ‘abs dance’ is the first time.

Mir’s style and version of the ‘abs dance’ will be revealed on May 26th and 27th on TV(’s ‘Making the Artist-MBLAQ.’ ‘Making the Artist’ is a program where is shows singers where they show their ‘artist’ actions whether it be on stage or in their daily lives.

On May 26th’s broadcast of GOM Tv’s ‘Making the Artist-MBLAQ’ MBLAQ will reveal the never before seen production process of their second single album and their practice room as well as their recording room will be revealed.

On the broadcast, 15 hours before their comeback, it is shown how they kept practicing their dance movements until they received perfect reactions starting from the choreographer which makes them do a small ceremony of happiness by b-boying. The MV setting is also revealed and it shows the boys never losing a smile throughout the two days of filming the strong MV and more.

Monday, May 24, 2010

[news] Heechul was in depression after Hankyung left Super Junior

CR: Sports Chosun + Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM + sookyeong

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In 2008, Super Junior has achieved an unprecedented hit with ‘Sorry Sorry” They became the record king and also swept various awards including Golden Disk Awards, becoming dignified overseas including Taiwan and Hong Kong. However, the good comes with the bad. After moments of happiness and glory pass, bad news came. Member Hankyung requested the dissolution of his contract against SM Entertainment

The wound that Kim Heechul has received was especially big. He lived in the same dorm as Hankyung and had a special relationship with him. Their special relationship can be observed with his cyworld minihompy containing full of pictures that they took together. He said, “I was in a big chaos. It was difficult for me to laugh on TV and dance on stage.”

Afterwards, he did not go on any of the stage including year end award shows. For 3 months, he lived in seclusion, locking his door. His only friends were two cats. Kim Heechul revealed, “I had some lingering emotions. Since I did not meet any people, depression got worse. I had lived with Hankyung, drinked together and was really close. It was mentally difficult.”

During his difficult time, the person who supported him was oddly Eunhyuk who he did not think was close with. There was a distance between them as Heechul who liked entertainment and Eunhyuk who’s a devout Christian were complete opposite of each other. However, Heechul came to himself when Eunhyuk said, “hyung’s not good at singing or dancing, but we can’t survive without you hyung.”

Leeteuk and Shindong also told him encouraging words and Donghae came to his house and made dinner for him. He thought, “I’ve been too attached to one friend when there are many friends who are trying to go the same direction, .”

He emptied his mind. His mind became comfortable after thinking, “when we and Hankyung do well we can meet each other.” Heechul was able to talk about difficult problems on variety shows.

“Because he’s a friend, I despise him, feel sorry, upset. Even though I have many mixed emotions, I’ve become better now.” Kim Heechul said, “I told Hankyung to come over when he gets married.”

Actually, other members were shocked when Hankyung left. It was because the members did not even know about the problem. Leeteuk knew about Hankyung leaving after reading an article. Even though, they were shocked, on the other hand, they felt sorry.

Leeteuk said, “because we were always together, I think we forgot that he was a foreigner. We should have talked a lot but because we were busy we didn’t get to communicate often. It must have been difficult for him to have made that decision. I feel sorry.”

However, after the rain, the ground gets harder. After experiencing various incidents, actually the members became more close. We were able to feel the members’ preciousness. Kim Heechul said, “what I learned after experiencing this is that we have to treat each other well when they are with us. We were able to feel the members’ preciousness.”

Leeteuk also said, “I think we are working harder to fill the empty spaces of other members. There’s always a place for them. They just have to come back. We are going to work harder so that when they feel that they want to come back, they would be able to come back without any burden.”