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[news] Jaebeom to Attend MAMA?

Just yesterday, Mnet revealed that the replacement of the beloved MKMF Awards would be a whole new event titled Mnet Asian Music Awards, or MAMA for short. This social event present a new & modern approach to nominations and awards.

And it looks like things are about to get even more interesting, because there are talks that Park Jaebeom just might attend!

A MAMA producer met with a Newsen reporter and discussed his intentions of having Jaebeom perform on stage at the 2009 MAMA.

Nothing has been confirmed yet & it is unclear what the performance would exactly entail, but the production team has discussed the proposal having Jaebeom perform with 2PM, and revealed plans to contact JYP Entertainment regarding this personal invitation. 2PM's popularity has grown immensely since its debut last year, and is up for the hefty awards "Best Male Group" and "Best Dance Music". With such important nominations, it's doubtful that 2PM would choose not to attend, but fans have been questioning whether we'd see six or seven members present.

The producer stated, "I will do everything in my power to try and have Jaebeom perform at the MAMA 2009."

MAMA 2009 will take place on November 21 at 7PM at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium, and will air live throughout China, Japan, Hong Kong and the rest of Southeast Asia on Channel V.

I'm sure many fans will be overjoyed, but at the same time, some readers have expressed joy that 6-member 2PM has finally moved on; even if this turns out to be a single performance, any return of the 2PM's "Leadja" would undoubtedly complicate things... especially with that new album coming next month. But for now, everyone is holding their breath and waiting for what's next. Stay tuned as allkpop follows the future developments of this story! Also make sure to visit the 2ONEDAY Forums.

Source: Newsen + lawlietta @ allkpop

[photos] SHINee @ Inkigayo Backstage Pictures 091018

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[video] MBLAQ + 4minute Pre-Event @ MAMA Awards!

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[news] MKMF is now MAMA

The year 2009 was like a gust of wind that has brought along tons of new girls groups, but whose hand will MAMA (no pun intended but that's the acronym) hold now?

Major Korean music channel Mnet has announced that their Mnet Korean Music Festival (MKMF) will now be renamed as Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)!

Mnet announced on October 23 that the live broadcast will change its concept and the way they will handle how people may vote for which artist wins the award.

Mnet also announced that Park Ji Yoon, SG Wannabe's Kim Yong Jun and Lee Seok Hoon will become the new MC's of the event.

The live broadcast of the 2009 MAMA will take place on November 21 at Seoul's Jamsil Stadium. People that live outside of Korea, don't give your hopes up yet, because there's a reason why MAMA is titled MAMA! Via Channel V International, the event will be broadcasted in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and Thailand.

The special main event will be the "Global Artist Award." In addition, another major change is that the Trot genre will be added on along with the other Pop music awards.

There will be a total of 7 categories of artists, 7 categories of genres, and 2 categories of music video nominations during the event. In addition, there will be a total of 30 awards for each nominated song.

People may start voting on October 23, 2009 through the
Mnet homepage.

Full nominee's list

Criteria: Album sales and chart standings from October 15th, 2008 through October 22nd 2009.

Best Male Newcomer
• Supreme Team
• Chung Lim
• Taegoon

Best Female Newcomer
• 2NE1
• After School
• T-ara
• 4minute
• f(x)

Best Male Singer
• Drunken Tiger
• Rain
• Lee Seung Chul
• G-Dragon
• MC Mong

Best Female Singer
• Bada
• Baek Ji Young
• Son Dambi
• Younha
• Chae Yeon

Best Male Group
• 2PM
• Big Bang
• Super Junior
• SG Wannabe
• SS501

Best Female Group
• Davichi
• Brown Eyed Girls
• Jewelry

Best Mixed Group
• Roo’Ra
• 8eight
• Koyote
• Cool
• Clazziquai

Best Rock Music Award
• Buhwal (I remember 생각이나)
• Seo Taiji (Juliet)
• Jang Giha and the Faces (Living with nothing special)
• Cherry Filter (Pianissimo)
• FT Island (I Hope)

Best Hip-Hop Group Award
• Dynamic Duo (Dead Guy)
• Drunken Tiger (Monster)
• LeeSsang (The Girl Who Can't Break Up, The Boy Who Can't Leave)
• Outsider (Alone)
• Epik High (Wannabe)

Best Ballad/R&B Music Award
• Kim Jong Kook (Today More Than Yesterday)
• Kim TaeWoo (Love Rain)
• Bobby Kim (Love, the guy)
• Park Hyo Shin (After Love)
• Baek Ji Young (Like being hit by a bullet)

Best Dance Music Award
• 2NE1 (I Don’t Care)
• 2PM (Again & Again)
• SNSD (Gee)
• Super Junior (Sorry)
• KARA (Honey)

Best House & Electronic Music Award
• Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra)
• Son Dambi (Saturday Night)
• Clazziquai (Love Again)
• 4minute (Muzik)
• G-Dragon (Heartbreaker)

Best Trot Music Award
• Gyeon Miri (Happy Woman)
• Park Hyun Bin (Brilliant Life)
• Seong JinYoo (딱이야)
• Joo HyunMi and Seohyun (JjaRaJaJjan)
• Hong JinYeong (Love’s Battery)

Best O.S.T Award
• Baek Ji Young (Don’t Forget - IRIS)
• Lee Seung Chul (No more love like this - Blue Love Story)
• T-Max (Paradise - Boys Over Flowers)
• Tiffany (I’m Alone - JaMyungGo)
• SS501 (Because I’m Stupid - Boys Over Flowers)

Best MV Award
• 2NE1 (Fire)
• LeeSsang (The Girl Who Can't Break Up, The Boy Who Can't Leave)
• Bada (Mad)
• Seo Taiji (Juliet)
• D.N.G (Step 2 Me)

Best MV Director Award
• Seo Hyun Seung
• Jang Jae Hyuk
• Jo Soo Hyun
• Joo Hee Seon
• Hong Won Ki

[video] SHINee @ Forest of Dreams Concert

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[news] Newsen Interview With 3 Members of BEAST

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In a recent interview with Newsen, Jang Hyun Seung, Yoon Doo Joon and Lee Ki Gwang of the rookie group BEAST delved into their past and shared new pieces of information about themselves that were unheard of before.

Many people who are already familiar with Jang Hyun Seung know that he trained under YG Entertainment to become a member of Big Bang, but was eliminated before he got the chance to debut with them. It's been quite some time since then, but Jang Hyun Seung was finally reunited with his fellow trainee and good friend, G-Dragon (real name: Kwon Ji Yong) on last week's broadcasting of SBS Inkigayo. While the Big Bang leader was present on the show for his solo activities, Jang Hyun Seung was preparing for his group's debut performance. They met up again after rehearsals and caught up on what they missed during their time apart.

"After not being able to debut with Big Bang, I hardly kept in contact with them, but I saw Ji Yong hyung for the first time in 2 - 3 years," the vocalist of BEAST admitted. "He seemed really happy that we would see each other more often from now on. Initially, it was slightly awkward since we haven't seen each other in so long, but he has always been good at taking care of me." Jang Hyun Seung will also encounter Taeyang of Big Bang, as the latter is expected to make his solo comeback on Inkigayo on the 25th.

Of BEAST's showcase on the 15th, he said, "I was so nervous the night before that I only slept for 30 minutes. Out of 10 points, I would give my performance a 3. I was really disappointed. However, I think the performance on 'Music Bank' on the 16th was better than the showcase. Being on a live music program feels a little strange, but I still think it was better."

He also described his inspirations for becoming a singer in the first place as he has obviously endured much to reach the point he is at now. "When I was young, I developed a dream of singing after watching Seotaiji and Boys and H.O.T. Since then, I have not thought of doing anything else besides becoming a singer."

Jang Hyun Seung has come a long way from the hopeful kid in his 2nd year of junior high.

Likewise, Yoon Doo Joon of BEAST revealed his own reason as to why he decided to pursue a career in the cut-throat entertainment industry.

"Actually, I used to play soccer during junior high. My dream was to become a high school P.E. teacher," he claimed. "I gained a lot of weight during junior high. But during my 1st - 2nd year of high school, I went on a diet and lost most of it."

When asked how his dream of becoming a P.E. teacher was radically changed to becoming a singer, Yoon Doo Joon replied, "I saw MTV's 'Big Bang Documentary.' I always enjoyed singing and dancing, but watching people of my age chase after their dreams was really admirable."

Ironically, the eliminated member of Big Bang, whom Yoon Doo Joon watched on the small screen and felt inspired by, ended up being a part of his own group. Isn't it funny how fate works sometimes?

Yoon Doo Joon continued, "My teachers and parents all said I couldn't [become a singer]. However, after incessant pleading and crying, I enrolled in a music school. I attended many auditions and worked extremely hard, in hopes of becoming a singer."

It is widely known that Yoon Doo Joon was featured in the reality program 'Hot Blood,' which consisted of members from 2PM and 2AM who were preparing for their debut at the time.

"During the training days of 'Hot Blood,' Im Seul Ong (2AM) and I would always eat midnight snacks together," he recalled of the experience. "At the time, it felt like such a long period, but now that I think about it, it was only a brief moment."

As a final closing message, Yoon Doo Joon said, "Since we [BEAST] just took our first step into the K-pop scene, we will start to run at full force. This is only the beginning of our performances so it will be good to anticipate a new side of us from now on."

Unlike the previous two members who briefly tested the water before joining BEAST, Lee Ki Gwang was already swimming laps. Having released two songs from his debut album "First Episode: A New Hero," Lee Ki Gwang was definitely no one new to the stage. The 19-year-old artist gained a relatively good amount of fans during his solo activities and was even deemed to be the next Rain / Bi. However, with his official membership in BEAST, AJ sacrificed his solo career to share his fame and success with 5 other members.

"To be honest, it's very fun," answered Lee Ki Gwang when asked about his reaction to joining a 6-member boy band. "I am less nervous on stage too, as opposed to when I was alone. During practices, I can direct my focus on a specific part that is appropriate for me. Even the practices are more fun with other members. When I traveled alone, it was always quiet, but now I am able to eat with the group and create a ruckus."

The member with the "chocolate abs" added, "Because of my individual schedule, there were many times I felt apologetic towards the others." Due to his acting role in MBC 'The Unstoppable High Kick' / 'High Kick Through the Roof,' Lee Ki Gwang wasn't able to practice with the group sometimes. "To the members who were understanding [of my situation], I am sorry and thankful."

The boys all seem to have experienced their own share of hardships and suffering, but, as the old adage goes, "all's well that ends well." Some may view BEAST as a team of rejects, but such an ignorant comment implies that people
are drinking too much haterade have not yet witnessed the talent each member possesses. With successful album sales and a rapidly growing fanbase, BEAST seems to be one of the emerging groups in 2009 with a promising future ahead of them.

[photos] Lee Min Ho @ Taiwan Etude House Events

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[photos] Lee Min Ho @ Incheon Airport goin to Taiwan

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[video] 091023 ERA News- Lee Min Ho in Taiwan

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[event] Etude House Ambassador Lee Min Ho Visits Malaysia

Etude House is very proud to announce the special visit by their Brand Ambassador, Korean Superstar Actor, Mr. Lee Min Ho, to Kuala Lumpur! Korea's most-loved Beauty Brand, ETUDE HOUSE would be inviting their brand ambassador, award-winning popular Korean actor, Lee Min Ho to visit and meet his fans here in Kuala Lumpur and for a special launch of their latest range of Skin Care range and also a stunning new Fall 2009 Colour Collection.

The Korean superstar will be in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday 25th October 2009 for a product launch and meet the fans session at Sungai Wang Plaza, Concourse and followed with a press conference and a product introduction to the members of the media on Tuesday 27th October 2009 at Luna Bar.

As official Brand Ambassador of Etude House, Lee Min Ho would be launching the Moistfull Collagen Skin Care Range and Code B – Fall 2009 Colour Collection to the delight of fans and friends alike of ETUDE HOUSE.

We've got the event coverage for the fan meeting and the press conference. So, you all have to keep your eyes peeled for the next post on Lee Min Ho Etude Malaysia.

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[event] Lee Min Ho's schedule in Singapore

MH schedule in Singapore as reported:

24 Oct 2009

12:30pm Arrival at Changi airport (Flight BR225)
15:30-16:30 Plaza Singapura
16:30-18:00 Fan meet at St James

25 Oct 2009

12:50 Depart Singapore to Malaysia (MI336)

[news] Lee Min Ho wishes for a girlfriend

After the Korean TV drama ‘Boys Before Flowers’, Lee Min Ho’s popularity increase rapidly. Currently he is single. He has his last love relationship when he was twenty years old. The most wanted gift that he wishes for now is to find a girlfriend.

In the Korean TV drama ‘Boys Before Flowers’, Gu Joon Pyo and Geum Jan Di love story were full of twists and turns. In the real life now, Lee Min Ho hopes to find a girlfriend.

He will elope with her

Everyone is always curious about the love life of the ‘Flower boys’. What if Lee Min Ho’s parents opposed his marriage like what happened in the drama, what would he do?

“I will run away with her. Even if we have to run away secretly in the middle of the night, there must be a wedding. I treat my love more positively than Gu Joon Pyo”. Lee Min Ho replied.

However, he claimed that now he is single. “It will be good if I have a girlfriend. The most wanted gift I wish for is a girlfriend.”

He disclosed his love history that his first kiss was given to his girlfriend during his first year in high school in front of his girlfriend’s house. His last relationship was in his twenty when he fell in love with his university classmate. Ever since then, he remains single.

Feeling is more important than looks

What type of ladies will attract Lee Min Ho?

He said: “I will look at overall style and feel. Not particularly beautiful, but ladies with feeling attracted me the most.”

Before ‘Boys Before Flowers’ was broadcast in South Korea, South Korea media reported about the scandal between him and one of the Davich members, ‘Kang Min Kyung’. The photo is shown on the internet. He said: “I’m really sorry about taking photos with my colleague, she has been mistaken as my girlfriend and everyone was having arguments about it. I’m really feel bad about it.”

A man who smell nice

Besides Lee Min Ho’s love life, fans are also interested about the little details in Lee Min Ho’s daily life.

Some Lee Min Ho’s special habits:

1. He always carry a perfume in his bag because he wants to be a man who smell nice.
2. Loves cloudy days, he cannot stand the hot sunny weather and he does not like wet rainy days
3. Besides having blue and black jeans in his wardrobe, other clothes are mainly in black, white and gray.
4. He won’t bring an umbrella even if the weather forecast said that it’s going to rain.
5. He would bite his teeth and talk in his sleep. Friends do not want to sleep with him when they travel together.
6. If he has to live in a desert island, the things that he wanted to have are a bed, a lighter and a cell phone.

* A bed - so that he can sleep well
* A lighter - even when he was on the desert island, he still has to cook especially meat. He loves to eat meat and fire is unavoidable.
* A cell phone - if he was stranded on a desert island, he can chat with others so that he will not feel bored. It will be good that lot of games have already been downloaded in the phone.

Source From: LianHe Zaobao (Singapore Chinese newspaper)
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[photos] SHINEee Official Photos

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