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[diary] Jung Shin message to Boice 05.13.2010

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I miss you

Hello everyone

It’s Jungshin

long time no see

how are you?

we are fine, but …

we are worried about you all

These days in Korea

the flu epidemic is a big problem

everyone, please be careful of cold

I miss you T.T

Bye.. Byebye

[news] MBLAQ Lee Joon talks how Rain has the complete control

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MBLAQ's Lee Joon who is rising as the 'Next generation Variety-dol' was on KBS 2TV Happy Together Season3 on the 13th and showed off his talents and even silenced his teacher, Rain.

On this day's episode Lee Joon said, "At the practice-studio we often see him lose his temper. He always comes back smiling, but he always leaves all worked up. The MBLAQ members always feel timid when in the practice-studio," which caught Rain off guard.

Then, Joon said, "He told us to act comfortably so, with ae-gyo, we asked him to buy us chicken. After he saw us practice he said to us, 'After practicing like that, you want to eat chicken?' and got angry." Also, "After that, he pulled out a 50won bill and asked us if we wanted it, and then violently crumpled it up and stepped on it."

MC Park MyungSoo responded, "How petty; it's not even 1000won, but 50won" and made fun of Rain, but truthfully there was a deep and hidden meaning behind this behavior. Rain said he meant to teach the MBLAQ, who had lost confidence, that even though it got crumpled and stepped on, the value of money never changes, so become a valuable person.

Rain continued to suffer throughout the show. Lee Joon revealed that he was shocked because Rain randomly calls out 'Honey' at times. Rain said, "I've never done that" but through the MC's persistent interrogation he confessed "I've wondered what it would be like if my girlfriend called me 'Honey'."

Lee Joon continued that, "While shooting the movie 'Ninja Assassin' I stayed at a hotel suite, but JiHoon-hyung told me to check-out from there and live with him. We decided I would just go every weekend, but whenever we met he would make me act and speak English so I got really stressed out."

The MCs said about Lee Joon, that, "Unlike a rookie, he speaks very well," but Rain said, "It's only been a year with our president and singer-in-the-company relationship. When I was with (Park) JinYoung-hyung, after 6 years I was able to act like that, but he's only been under me a year and he's already acting up."

On this day's episode, singers Rain, Lee Hyori, Kara's Koo Hara, MBLAQ Lee Joon were guests. Park MyungSoo and Shin BongSun performed Rain's 'Love Song' and Lee Hyori's 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' (respectively).

[photo] 100513 SHINee MinHo @Konkuk Univeristy

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Pretty Minho! ^^

[photo] SHINEE Minho @ Konkuk Univeristy

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Just another ordinary school day with the extra ordinary person... Minho!
How does he do that?! his just soooo effffffffff..... sexy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[news] Talk to Wonder Girls tomorrow 100513 @ GOOM Radio

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The Wonder Girls are back in America, and will be interviewed on GOOM Radio first!

GOOM Radio (the first Internet radio station to play the Wonder Girls' breakout single, "Nobody") and are collaborating together to give fans the chance to speak to The Wonder Girls! The girls will be coming to the GOOM studio this Thursday (4/13) for an interview, and will answer any questions from their fans. This will be a live show, everyone will be able to to tune in to on Thursday, May 13th between 7-9 PM EST!

Fans will be able to phone in at (201) 332-5980 or Skype by calling "ZangRadio".

Also, one Soompier in New York will have the opportunity to visit the GOOM studio to meet the Wonder GIrls in Person! If any fans is interested, they can e-mail to explain why they deserve to meet the girls. They should include in the subject heading "Why I'm the best Soompier to meet the Wonder Girls" and the last day to submit is Wednesday, May 12, at 5PM EST.

[video] Beast grants wishes to its manager?

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[news] 10.05.10 Kim Heechul's Youngstreet, Minho Phone Call to Junho

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On May 10th, Junho, Junsu and Wooyoung of 2PM were guests on Kim Heechul’s Young Street radio show. During a segment of the show, DJ Heechul gave the three members a mission to simultaneously send out a text that said, “I’m having a hard time, buy me a drink” to friends.

well allkpop said that SHINee Minho texted back to Junho but he actually called him...

here's the conversation... CLICK

Heechul: Right now, like he predicted during the break, he sent Minho a text message and Minho is calling him.

Junho: Should I just answer?

Heechul: Yes, just have a short conversation. Hold the phone near the mike so we can hear Minho's voice.

Junho: Hello?

Heechul: Speakerphone... put him on speakerphone.

Junho: Hold on.

Heechul: Our Minho shi is so kind

Junho: Minho yah.

Minho: What's wrong, hyung?

Junho: Ah, hyung is...

Minho: Yes.

Junho: on the radio right now.

Minho: Oh, really?

Junho: I'm on Heechulie hyung's radio right now.

Minho: Oh, really? You really surprised me, hyung!

Junho: Our Minho is really... ah... there's really no one but you.

2PM: He's impressive/cool

Minho: I was so surprised, I was practicing just now but I called you to get ready to go out.

Junho: Oh, really?

Heechul: Whoa. Wow.

Junho: Say something to the Youngstreet listeners.

Minho: Am I on air right now?

Heechul: Yes, you're on air.

Junho: You're on live broadcast right now.

Minho: Really?

Heechul: Minho-shi, we don't have much time, so speak quickly, kid.*

Minho: Oh, ah, hello listeners, this is SHINee's Minho.

Heechul: Ring ding dong ring ding dong.

Minho: We're currently in album preparations.

Heechul: For certain, his professionalism.

Minho: We're in album preparations and it'll be released soon so please anticipate us, and please give more love to Junho hyung's, 2PM hyungs' Without You.

2PM: He has sense, he has sense.

Junho: Minho yah.

Minho: Yes, hyung.

Junho: I really love you.

Minho: I love you, man**

Heechul: Minho shi.

Minho: Yes.

Heechul: This is Heechul.

Minho: Yes.

Heechul: To you, what type of presence is Junho shi?

Minho: To me... Junho hyung?

Heechul: Yes.

Minho: Uh...

Heechul: Yes.

Minho: How should I explain this...

Heechul: You have to be quick. If you don't speak for 3 seconds that's a broadcasting accident.

Minho: To me, Junho hyung is...

Heechul: Yes.

Minho: A hyung who will be a big help in my life in the future?

Heechul: Oooh, our Minho shi goes around saying this sort of thing very often.

Minho: Ah, Heechulie hyung!

Heechul: I see, Minho shi, thank you, and come to Youngstreet some time.

Minho: Ah, hyung, I'll definitely go.

Heechul: Yes, I see, thank you!

Junho: Minho yah, bye!

Minho: Thank you.

Heechul: Thank you.

Minho: Goodbye.

Heechul: Yes.

Minho: Yep.

Heechul: Ah, for sure, Minho shi really called. He must be very close to Junho shi.

2PM: He's very sincere.

Junho: After I sent him the text, I imagined that he'd call me instead of just texting back.

Heechul: Ahh, yes, this means that these two are really close friends, and on the flip side, Wooyoung shi and Junsu shi must be feeling very uneasy right about now, no one's calling.

* Heechul starts off formally, calling Minho "Minho shi" but then ends informally with 임마. I can't think of an exact translation, but it's similar to "kid" or something along those lines.

** Minho said this in English.

[audio] 100512 Mid-Day Break - King Of Quiz Eli's Cut

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they keep talking bout their concert and Philippines! ^^
didnt know that eli has a porcupine ;p

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[video] CN BLUE "Love" MV teaser revelead!

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[video] Super Junior’s BONAMANA MV is out!

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new addicting music!!! waaaaah!
aaah! they never fail to make me smile!!!
waaaahh! and too SMEXY!!! ;p
but it just reminds me of Sorry, Sorry....

oh oh oh!! and why do Leeteuk have to be almost half naked the whole time?!!!
anyways! thank you for doing so!!! hahahha

[kmf] 100430 Kara @ Sheraton Hotel for KMF in LA

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yes!!! Gyuri waved at me!!omo she's a goddess and i really mean it! she's soooo pretty!

oh and that lucky bastard working at starbucks... i hate chuuu!

dont forget to click on the photos!

here's for link for the whole album! ^^