Saturday, April 17, 2010

[video] SNSD Concert in Shanghai - Minho & Yuri

CR: myz080525 @ youtube

omo!!! seeing Minho and Yuri together.... makes me... makes mee... sMILE!!!
oohh i wanna here Minho's part here... hehhehe
Rapping in English

[video] 100412 A-Port - A Day Of SHINee Special

CR: minitabo2 @ youtube

[info] Project for all international SHINee fans



To download template, click here

*After printing the template, cut it out to get the shape of UFO.
The size of the UFO should not be bigger than A5 size (210mm x 148mm).

1. likes SHINee
2. Sincerity to give them words of encouragement/ blessings/ wishes
(eg. Hope they will have their concert at (country you are in)
3. Anyone - regardless of age, gender and nationality

* How to reach us?
Mail them to:
Blk 341B Sembawang Close
#12-41 Singapore 752341
Attention: Jasline

* Upon mailing them out, please send an email to with the subject: SHINee's 2nd Anniversary to let us know that we are expected to receive them.

We need to receive all UFO spaceships by 14 May 2010 (Wednesday).
These messages will be compiled and brought personally to Seoul for SHINee.

Despite the short notice, we hope to receive at least 255 UFO Spaceships.
So, do inform your friends who love SHINee to participate in this event too! ^^

[test] How Well do you know MBLAQ?

CR: Bestiz + Translation: whatthecheryl @ Absolute Mblaq

Pls credit the sources and all translators/sites when reposting. Do not re-edit or hotlink the graphics.


2010 1st Academic MBLAQ Mock Entrance Exam

✖ This test contains questions related to MBLAQ.
✖ This test is for anyone who qualifies to be a fan of MBLAQ.
✖ This test is for introductions and foundation.
✖ There are a total of 25 questions.
✖ Please do not edit this test.
✖ The person who set the questions for this test is 우주정복자쭌 .


1. What is the date of MBLAQ's debut?
    (1) October 1st 2009
    (2) October 5th 2009
    (3) October 10th 2009
    (4) October 15th 2009
    (5) October 15th 2009

2. What is the name of MBLAQ's official fan club?
    (1) A+
    (2) B+
    (3) C+
    (4) D+
    (5) E+

3. Which of the following member and birthdate is matched wrongly?
    (1) Seungho - October 16 1987
    (2) G.O - November 6 1987
    (3) Lee Joon - February 7 1988
    (4) Thunder - October 9 1990
    (5) Mir - March 10 1991

4. MBLAQ carries the image called "___ -dol". Which of the following fits the blank?
    (1) Upright
    (2) Noisy
    (3) Chic
    (4) Farming
    (5) Pose

5. Which of the following is MBLAQ member "Mir"'s real name?
    (1) Bang Kwi Yong
    (2) Bang Chul Yong
    (3) Bang Hyo Jin
    (4) Bang Mi Reu
    (5) Bang Shil Ee

6. What is the title of the Hollywood movie MBLAQ member "Lee Joon" acted in?
    (1) Minja Assassin
    (2) Sinja Assassin
    (3) Rinja Assassin
    (4) Hinja Assassin
    (5) Ninja Assassin

7. During the "ski-resort episode" of Idol Army, what was G.O's answer for the question, the meaning of 'Esc'?
    (1) Exit System Quality
    (2) Exit System Control
    (3) Escapade
    (4) Exit Systematic Control
    (5) Escape

8. Which of the following is matched wrongly?
    (1) Plump twins - Seungho, Mir
    (2) Spiritual twins - G.O, Seungho
    (3) Time difference twins - Sandara Park, Thunder
    (4) Magnae Line - Mir, Thunder
    (5) Triplets - Seungho, G.O, Joon

9. In the show Magnae Rebellion, what was "Lee Joon"'s search ranking number?
    (1) Rank 63
    (2) Rank 64
    (3) Rank 65
    (4) Rank 66
    (5) Rank 67

10. What is the name of the following character?

    (1) SoonJa
    (2) MaengJa
    (3) GongJa
    (4) NoJa
    (5) JangJa

11. In the first episode of Art of Seduction, the members chose a person they wanted to meet, which of the following is matched wrongly?
    (1) G.O - Lee Oi Soo
    (2) Seungho - Jeon Ji Hyeon
    (3) Lee Joon - Jung Woo Seong
    (4) Thunder - Jung JooRi
    (5) Mir - Tiger JK

12. Which member does this hand belong to?

    (1) Seungho
    (2) G.O
    (3) Lee Joon
    (4) Thunder
    (5) Mir

13. What is the correct sentence that G.O replied in the following converstation?
Mir: When I was in school, I was very popular, I had pretty girlfriends and I was always surrounded by my friends and seniors. I was really handsome.
Joon: Ah, really, I'm going to puke. Please stop.
G.O: ________

    (1) So our Magnae was really popular in school
    (2) That's enough, before I punch your face
    (3) Olleh~
    (4) Oh my, oh my, please don't be like that
    (5) That's right, Mir, you're handsome now too.

14. Which of the following is not a nickname of Seungho's?
T/N: Sorry I'm not sure how to translate some of the following T____T
    (1) Yang Sam Joo
    (2) 양리어답터
    (3) Farming-dol
    (4) 허세 승호
    (5) 시간을 갈리는 승호 (Seungho running on time???)

15. Which member is this?

    (1) Seungho
    (2) G.O
    (3) Lee Joon
    (4) Thunder
    (5) Mir

16. Which member is this?

    (1) Seungho
    (2) G.O
    (3) Lee Joon
    (4) Thunder
    (5) Mir

17. Please choose from the following, what did Thunder have when they went to Mu-in Island on SSGB (소년소녀가요백서).

a) The biggest house in the world
b ) Anchovy, Prawn, Whale
c) Computer with Internet
d) Madison Square Garden

    (1) a
    (2) a, b
    (3) a, b, c
    (4) a, b, d
    (5) a, b, c, d

18. Which of the following is member "G.O"'s minihompy title? (Based on 17th April 2010)
    (1) First!
    (2) 2nd
    (3) A+ M-BLAQ
    (4) 휴... (Sigh...)
    (5) Raizo

19. Which of the following was featuring magnae "Mir"?
    (1) Ahn Jin Kyung - Bad person
    (2) J - Can't say this is the end
    (3) K.Will - Present
    (4) Gavy NJ - Sunflower
    (5) Cho Deok Bae - If you came into my heart

20. What is the relationship between Singer "Rain" and "MBLAQ"?
    (1) Producer - Singer
    (2) Village Idiot Brother - Village Idiot Younger brothers
    (3) Father - Son
    (4) Mother - Daughter
    (5) House owner - Newcomers

21. Which of the following fits the blank?
Yo, Amigos, This's how we do MBLAQ, Let's go, Its _____ yeah, You know the name is! It's MBLAQ.
    (1) My dream
    (2) G.O.O.D Luv
    (3) I'm Feelin' Good
    (4) New Brand
    (5) MBLAQ

22. Which of the following radio program and appearance dates are matched wrongly?
    (1) 09.11.29 SimSimTapa - Seungho, G.O, Mir, Thunder
    (2) 10.03.17 Starry Night - Seungho, G.O. Thunder
    (3) 10.03.24 Starry Night - Lee Joon, G.O, Mir
    (4) 10.03.31 Maybee Volume Up - Lee Joon, Seungho, Thunder
    (5) 10.04.12 Super Junior Kiss the Radio - Seungho, Thunder

23. Which is the correct number for MBLAQ's ufo town?
    (1) #7000-1015
    (2) #7000-2121
    (3) #7000-9090
    (4) 1688-1551
    (5) 1688-1015

24. Please choose the correct order where the netbook was passed around among the members on the ski resort episode of Idol Army.
    (1) Lee Joon - Mir - GO - Seungho
    (2) Lee Joon - Seungho - GO - Mir
    (3) Lee Joon - GO - Mir - Seungho
    (4) Seungho - Mir - GO - Lee Joon
    (5) Seungho - GO - Mir - Lee Joon

25. What is the meaning of MBLAQ?
    (1) Music Back Live in Absolute Quality
    (2) Music Boy live in Absolute Quality
    (3) Music Baby live in Absolute Quality
    (4) Music Body live in Absolute Quality
    (5) Music Boys live in Absolute Quality

[tweet] 2am JoKon tweets! 100417

CR: twitter

poor Jo Kown... looks like their soo busy preparing for their concert here in LA and NY!


[video] MBLAQ Cheondoong teaching Seungho some Yoga

CR: abmshows3 @ youtube

awwwww... Cheondoong is applying what he learned from his classes! poor Seungho his the one have to do it.. hahaha
by the way.. is that Mir flipping his hair?! hahahahha