Monday, November 23, 2009

[news] MBLAQ’s Joon used to be a… wig model?

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MBLAQ has been rising in fame as a new rookie group, having already gained a tremendous amount of fans. Of course, the fans can be great when it comes down to showing their love and support, but they can sometimes be the biggest antis by digging up the embarrassing pasts of these celebrities. Several pictures have recently been surfaced on the net that netizens claim to be MBLAQ's G.O. and Joon before their debut - unlike the other "past" photos circulating over the net, they still look hot as ever. Although there is no direct evidence these boys in the pictures are the idol boys themselves, the undeniable resemblance can really show that they are the might MBLAQs indeed. Let's take a look at how these young men looked back then.

It seems like the group's resident vocalist's talent in singing comes natural. Even during his past, he was always on the stage with a mic in his hand!

In contrary to G.O.'s childhood revolving mostly around performing on stages, Joon seems like he took an advantage of his good looks and worked as a model for an online wig store. Talk about an eye-candy for the female shoppers!

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