Monday, April 26, 2010

[news] Mblaq G.O, Super Junior's Kim Hee Chul intrudes into SBS 'Sweet Sorrow's Ten Ten Club'

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On the 23rd, Kim Hee Chul unexpectedly appeared on 'Ten Ten Club'. When asked "What brought you here', he replied, "I'm here for K.Will, a singer I like, yesterday IU who hurt me and Mblaq's G.O who only hurts me".

"I met G.O at last year's SBS Gayo DaeJeon. I like people with mustache and G.O has a mustache too so I liked him. We exchanged numbers and said we would keep in contact, and G.O was, "Buy me food once". But whenever I called him out to eat together, he would always say "I'm sorry, I have to go eat with Rain hyung", making G.O flustered.

Also, "I asked him to come onto my radio but he said he was preparing for his album, when his album comes out he'll come (to my radio) but here he is."

On the other hand, Kim HeeChul has his own radio show, "Kim Hee Chul's Young Street" and is preparing for Super Junior's album to be released in May.

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