Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[news] 2PM had placed in first place In a survey for advertising models

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In a survey for advertising models, 2PM had placed in first place pressing Yoo JaeSuk out of the way.

2PM had pushed Yoo JaeSuk out of the way and placed first place as the advertising model that viewers want to see in a 10 day period survey that was conducted among the 38 professional brand consultants with about 1,012 people participating.

2PM had gained 16.01% of the votes coming in first place, then Yoo JaeSuk with 13.34%, and Girls Generation coming 3rd place with 11.86%. Kim YuNa placed in fourth place, however in the top 10 rank, most were idol stars, show off the large amount that idols play in the advertisement industry.

Other than 2PM and Girls Generations, 2AM came in 6th place, CN Blue in 7th, Brown Eyed Girls in 8th, and BEAST came in 9th place. Both Shinee and T-Ara had made it into the 10th place.

According to the 38 brand researchers, “2PM’s TaecYeon, Girls Generation’s TaeYeon, 2AM’s JoKwon, CN Blue’s Jung YongHwa, Brown Eyed Girls’ GaIn, BEAST’s Yoon DooJoon, Shinee’s JongHyun, T-Ara’s JiYeon, and After School’s UEE” are the focus members in the group.

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