Monday, April 5, 2010

[video] Shinee Onew Sukira DJ 100405 with a kiss

CR: Syee22 @ Daily K Pop News + myz080525

Due to Eetuk's busy schedules and preparing for the upcoming 4th album, he took a break from. SHINee's Onew together with Eunhyuk, took over Sukira yesterday so his hyung can rest.

Here's a kiss from Onew! wakekke i keep replaying this video....

Translation: LALA_LAND @ SOOMPI

Onew said that during trainee days, in order to lose weight, he woke up at 5am swam for an hour, and walked to school for an hour from 6am to 7am. In school, he chatted with his friends before class started and listened well in class. When school ended, he went to the practice room, and went home by walking. When he went home, he did 4000 times of skipping!

Fall in love with Onew's angelic voice... waekkeke
Onew singing Sung Si Kyung's "내게 오는 길")

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