Monday, May 10, 2010

[news] Rain vs MBLAQ, a Proper Battle of Competitors

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too many comebacks this may! waaahhh
when it RAIN's it pours! wakekek

Mentor Rain and students MBLAQ's proper battle is starting.

Rain is going to start promoting his follow-up song 'Hip Song' from his special album from April 7th.

MBLAQ, raised by Rain, will be releasing their second single on the 18th. They will go on their first stage on the 20th and will start their official promotions from there.

Although Rain and MBLAQ have stood on one stage before there has never been an official battle. MBLAQ debuted last year at Rain's concert and have stood on a joint concert with Rain and other singers. But this was closer to an event.

This is the first time that they will be able to show their skills on their music and performance as an equal and not as a mentor and student. MBLAQ feel burdened that they are promoting at the thought of promoting with their mentor. But on the other hand, with their mentor's help they feel firm.

MBLAQ has released the teaser for their music video for their second single on the 6th and is getting closer to their comeback. Younger version of Rain in the movie 'Ninja Assassin', member Lee Joon will be participating in this drama-like music video and once again show his acting skills.

MBLAQ will have their first comeback stage on the 20th with cable Mnet's music program M! Countdown.

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