Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[news] 100330 U-KISS’s Kibum Selected For Season 2 Of ‘Bokbulbok Show’

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translated only Kibum's part

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Gagman Nam Hee Seok has been selected as a host for ‘Bokbulbok Show 2′, alongside the current host Lee Gyeong Gyu.

The first recording of ‘Bokbulbok Show 2′ was held on last March 24th at Yangpyeong, Seoul.

In addition to the addition of Nam Hee Seok, season 2 of ‘Bokbulbok Show’ will also featured new members such as Lee Byung Jin, Kim Changryul, Heo Jun, Baek Boram and U-KISS’s Kibum.

The first broadcast of ‘Bokbulbok Show 2′ will be on March 31st at 2:30pm.

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