Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[news] Petition For SHINee’s Fans Meeting By Shawols Indonesia

CR: Credit: @wmaverick, iluvdolphinz+Koreanupdates + Translate: iuvdolphinz

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Recently updates from @wmaverick about SHINee to Indonesia. Here’s the T/N:“SHINee petition in FB rising very impressive. When we first forward, it was 1.600 signs and today has more than 3.700 signs.”

“We have forward SHINee’s link to SM Entertainment and had a phone conversations. Well, they quite surprised that so many Shawols in Indonesia.”

“They are still studying the proposal. There is nothing we can do now except waiting for their feedback. Thank you all Shawols for your efforts.”

“We will post updates on the SHINee FM after we hear from them. In the Meantime, we can only wait.”

Well..if you guys haven’t sign the petition, go sign it here:

To @wmaverick GooD LucK and Fighting!!!! #shineecometoindonesia

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