Friday, April 2, 2010

[diary] 04.03.10 CYWORLD Mblaq Mir’s Diary Entry

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no idea what Mir is talking about here...
all i know is that his headphones is Dr. Dre's creation wakeekke
anyways do cheer up mir! be strong!

The kid I love has died,,,
I am so heartbroken,,

Not long ago, they were with me,,,,
They’ve left the world in a flash,,
What joy will I live for now,,,
I feel like crying,,,
My Dr.Dre,,,,,

내가 사랑하는아이가 죽어버렸다,,,
가슴이 너무 아프다,,
얼마전까지 나와 함께했는데,,,
한순간에 이승을 떠나버렸다,,
이젠 무슨 낙으로 살아야될까,,,
눈물이 날것만같다,,,
내 Dr.Dre,,,,,

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Mery said...

I remember watching this on Making the Artist !

poor Mir but I lol'd a lot when I saw the situation xD