Sunday, March 28, 2010

[ufo] 2010.03.24- 2010.03.27 UFO REPLIES- SHINee Onew/ Minho

CR: Original Source: UFO Town
Chinese Translations: bobohero@闪耀星球
English Translations: vivz@soompi

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love Minho's reply! eeeehhh! *squeaking* hahhaha
onew is just sooo plain funny.. hahhaha

2010.03.27 02:05
Fan:[Minho] Watched Dream Team. Noona is so touchedㅜㅠ Always performing the best, Minho-goon~ the best~ the best~!! Very handsome ^^
[Minho] Thank You~ I will show everyone my even better side ^^

2010.03.27 13:09
Fan:[ONEW] Need to go to school at 2. Have a headache. Before I go, please say “Power exploding” (I think the fan meant something like “fighting”)
[ONEW] Haven’t received my reply?

2010.03.27 13:12
Fan:[ONEW] Not high school…University! That I have to attend 4 years too! Exam on Saturdayㅠ
[ONEW] Haven’t received my reply?

2010.03.27 13:15S
Fan:[ONEW Jonghyun Key Minho Taemin] We’ll meet each other, right now
[ONEW] Haven’t received my reply?

2010.03.27 16:38
Fan:[ONEW] I haven’t received UFO TT
[ONEW] It’s UFO~

2010.03.27 16:38
Fan: [ONEW] Onew yaㅠㅠOnewㅠㅠ If you don’t reply…you need to go out with me, understand!ㅋㅋㅋ
[ONEW] Replying immediately

2010.03.27 16:42
Fan:[ONEW] Hate.. hate ..
[ONEW] Power*
*(T/N: This was replied in English)

Fan:[ONEW] Oppa’s words are copy and pasted?
[ONEW] ctrl+v*
*(T/N: This was replied in English)


2010.03.26 23:02
Fan:[ONEW] The object that is soft, pokable and explodable is?
[ONEW] Balloon?

2010.03.26 23:02
Fan:[ONEW] It’s been finished/ completed already!!
[ONEW] ㅊㅋㅊㅋㅊㅋㅊㅋ~~* (congrats x 3)
*(T/N:ㅊㅋis “chuk ke” which means congrats in Korean)

2010.03.26 23:06
Fan:[ONEW] “Ddang”! It’s a pity my Korean is not good~
[ONEW] What is “Ddang?”


2010.03.25 10:59
Fan:[Minho] What is Minho doing~ having a new hairstyle? Cannot use computer so can’t seeㅠㅠ Like your new hair?
[Minho] Cannot use computer so can’t see? Ah…what a pity! Next time you have to study hard. Oh and also when you have chance to use the computer, watch our videos more and listen to our music!


2010.03.23 01:08
Fan:[ONEW] After awhile it’ll be my birthday~ Oppa, wish me a happy birthday ^^
[ONEW] Belated birthday wishes~

2010.03.23 01:12
Fan:[ONEW] Eh what~ it’s passed already!! But thank you anyway~
[ONEW] I’m late, sorry~

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