Thursday, April 1, 2010

[video][ENG] MTV B2ST Documentary BTS 55 - In the Studio

CR: beastlysubs @ youtube

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Patukillo said...

Hiii!!! Please read this project!! My traduction the spanish to english is so bad, i'm sorry... :P

This project is based on a string of messages for the group B2ST or
BEAST. Then you explain in more detail. Remember that BEAST
even before its debut, made documentary for MTV Korea, but for now after
his success with "Shock", will make a new documentary called "MTV B2ST

In this documentary the boys are going to choose the fans wishes and they will try to come true some of them. The wishes are sent on the official website of MTV, completely in Korean. Well here is where start our project.
In the promotional poster makes the following:

"BEAST wants to hear your desire ~"
BEAST Rookie Group, has received many accolades in 2009 after their debut!
Now they want "not only receive but to give" to their fans.
What is your wish for members of BEAST?
Whatever, please send it to us
then, perhaps, you never know, like "tadah", your wish can come true. "

The project is that we, as fans, we ask our desire together. And speaking together I mean that among all with many messages of each, ask the kids of Beast, to send a greeting to your international fans in the form of video.
Now I will give the following steps, so you can easily send your message.

First you must enter the official site in Korea MTV specifically in paragraph Beast, here's the address:

Once there you will see in the foreground a large sign with a disk. Well, click on the disk. When you have done it will be opened a window, entirely in Korean, but do not worry here I bring you the translations of each of the sections that are.
Name ......................... Gender: ... M ... W
Phone Number .............. Age ........
Title ..........................
Well, then would the message. But the important thing is the wish. A message to the international fans of the group, who are many. When you have finished, clik on the left button. Two buttons appear down of the page, the button to send is to the left. Once done it, will be sent. Hopefully, our desire is met.