Friday, March 12, 2010

[news] FT Island Shows Off 'Baby' Skin

CR: Translation By: youniex @ silh0uette + Source: Newsen

The band group, FT Island, showed off their perfect, attractive, flawless skin.

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FT Island finished shooting for the photo shoot on the 8th of March for the cosmetic brand 'Baviphat' which they are models for.

On this day, despite the fact that FT Island returned from finishing up the Asia Tour a day before, they shocked all the staff by still showing off that baby-like, clean skin condition.

They replied, "We continually take care of it. We are take care of our skin by consuming a lot of water and vitamin," revealing their secrets.

FT Island showed off their innocent and manly sides to them in the 'Baviphat' photoshoot. Later, on the homepage for 'Baviphat', they will be revealing the photoshoot videos and a video on how to take care of your skin.


wakekekek they look soo innocent here! but im not digging their photo ^.... something not right

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