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[video] SHINee at e-Awards 2010 in Singapore 100313

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SHINee performed Replay, JoJo and their biggest hit Ring Ding Dong at the E-Awards 2010 in Singapore. They changed their outfits into their rebel theme and since its sooo hot in Singapore they performed with short sleeves. Now i cant wait for the photos... love to see Jonghyun's big guns! hahhaha

Here's a Fan Account on what happened at the E-Awards:

CR: _idyllic

For red carpet and up on stage for introductions:
Boys were the last to arrive on the red carpet. They emerged from the celebrity gallery or something and the cheers for them were phenomenal. Seemed like a lot of people attending the awards were there for SHINee.

The boys were decked out in white and they ALL seemed pretty lanky and tall. Yes, including Jonghyun LOL. Minho's legs were extraordinary. Extraordinarily long, like a giraffe lmaooo. Qin said that was all she remembered - that Minho had super long legs emphasized by his white jeans. Onew's pants were kinda baggy-ish. and i loved Key's shirt and he was quite happy and excited waving to all the fans. Taemin and Jjong seemed kinda disinterested/tired looking though. Minho and Onew seemed ok. Onew was pretty cute introducing SHINee <3 The boys are all very good looking, no kidding.

For performance:
They performed around 11PM and the event started at 7. Was pretty tired waiting out, but yeah. We were guessing that it wouldnt be live since they didnt rehearse last night with the others, but yep it was LIVE~ Am really happy with that. The crowd went mad when they finally emerged in mostly black clothing. JONGGUNS EXIST. and we saw Taegguns too *_* LMAO I LOL-ed at Tae's glittery skinnies which ended up looking like glittery leggings.

They performed Replay, then spoke some with the MCs and repeated some Chinese words as requested by the MC. Then they performed Jojo, then RDD. Vocally solid performances. Jonghyun sounded great. Onew sounded great. Tae sounded great. All of them sounded great.

The only thing was probably that Jonghyun was kinda out of it during the performances; tired/moody or sth. All the zooms up of him on the screen during his parts were all fierce and *_* but he was kinda tired or something and his dancing quite showed it. But the falsetto at the start of Jojo was lovely TT Key and Taemin were really excited to perform. Taemin was really happy performing - hes such a cutie. Oh and Jong and Minho did do the crossing hands ending for Jojo

Then after that they received an award. Not sure what it was. I dont know why but Jonghyun hurried off the stage really fast while the rest were kinda still looking around on the stage. Btw, this boy moves generally fast from what we saw today. Key was waving to everyone and all.

Combined final ending stage with all celebs:
They called out SHINee's name among all the other artistes and all the other artistes were all gathering on the stage for the final ending together, but still no SHINee. then SHINee rushed out of the celebrities backroom or wtv cuz i think they just realised that they were being called into stage. Jonghyun ran up the stage first. Lol. Boy really moves pretty quickly. He went to the back of all the celebrities first and i think someone motioned to him and the rest of the boys to go to the front and he was kinda shuffling and looking around wondering if it was ok for them to be in front. Like maybe if the other celebs were super sunbaes or sth. All the boys were waving and bowing to the crowd and to the few artistes around then. then after that when the celebs on stage were just kinda moving around randomly on the stage waving, SHINee seemed lost ROFL - they were so cute! like they didnt know what they were supposed to do and they were looking offstage in the direction of their manager for instructions. After waving a bit more and all, they got off the stage with some of the other artistes who were getting off as well.

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