Thursday, May 20, 2010

[ufo] 100519 and 100518 SHINee JongHyun and Onew replies

CR: Source: Korean UFO Town
Credits: Baidu+闪耀星球
Chinese translation: bobohero!闪耀星球SHINee
English translation: babyblue-@soompi

Pls credit the sources and all translators/sites when reposting.

2010.05.19 00:54
Fan: [JongHyun] Goodnight oppaᅲᅲReally thinking of you...ᅲᅲ
[JongHyun] Don'tᅲ

2010.05.19 02:42
Fan: [JongHyun] If it's cold man, it's passionate!!!Please come! *u chuchuchuchuchuchuchuchu*
[JongHyun] I'm going to sleep already (P.S cold man is a nickname a Korean fan gave MinHo, meaning is cold city man)

2010.05.19 02:42
Fan: [JongHyun]If oppa is bored, look at SHINee's UFO early images..ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ
[JongHyun] I'm going to sleep already.

2010.05.19 02:56
Fan: [Onew] I'm making Fried Tofu in the morning.
[Onew] Everyone, I'll be awake a while later.

2010.05.19 03:18
Fan: [OnewJongHyun]Slept?Slept already?Really slept already?ᅮᅮ
[Onew] The others have slept, so I'm going to sleep already.

2010.05.19 03:26
Fan: [Onew]Don't sleep, can't play with me?ᄏᄏᄏI'm joking, good night! Tomorrow must fighting!
[Onew]Thank you

2010.05.19 03:31
Fan: [Onew] Arrangements in the morning, I fell asleep. Didn't come!!!! Ah, how?ᅮWant to sleptᅮ
[Onew]It's nighttime *go gogo*

2010.05.19 03:39
Fan: [Onew] I'm hungryᅮᅮᅮThere's no food at homeᅮCan't sleep alsoᅮAh, going to dieᅮᅮ
[Onew]Go buy some food!

2010.05.19 03:43
Fan: [Onew] SHINee jjang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great sales for next album!!!!!Fighting!!!!!
[Onew]Thank you.

2010.05.19 04:00
Fan: [Onew] Good night. I'm going to watch the last performance! If I have money, maybe I can watch another performance before the last one. Haha
[Onew]It's 4 already, bang!

[Below] (JongHyun's replies are all in alphabets, need to be typed on the Korean keyboard to find out the meaning)
2010.05.19 13:42

Fan: [OnewJongHyunKeyMinHoTaeMin] Thinking of you allᅲᅲWhat are you all doing now~?The person who wants to play with me..please appear! yap yap~
[Onew]gmgmgm (Hahaha)

2010.05.19 13:47
Fan: [OnewJongHyunKeyMinHoTaeMin] It's time for Mandarin lessonsᅲᅲBecause I ate, I'm even more sleepy, going to die.
[JongHyun]wkqjfut (Go sleep!)

2010.05.19 13:48
Fan: [OnewJongHyunTaeminMinHoKey] If you don't reply, I'm going to your dormitory and make Chrysanthemum soup for youᄏ
[JongHyun] zzz dhtpd (ᄏᄏᄏPlease come!)

2010.05.19 13:48
Fan: [JongHyun] Ate already?
[JongHyun] sp g (Hmmm, ah)

2010.05.19 13:49
Fan: [JongHyun] JongHyun ah~~~I like JongHyun very very muchᄒᄉᄒCan't reply me now?ᅲ
[JongHyun] diq eoekqgkfRP (yap must reply)

2010.05.19 13:57
Fan: [JongHyun] JongHyun ah~~ Can't type Korean?? Reply with English!ᅲᅲᄏI still love JongHyun like this.
[JongHyun] zzz rmsid tlatlagoti..zz (ᄏᄏᄏBecause it's boring like that..ᄏᄏ)

2010.05.19 13:58
Fan: [JongHyun] Replied. I'm pleased! RepliedᅲI'm loving KimJongHyun!!!!ᅲAccept my heart~
[JongHyun] dmd qkedkwnak (Hmmm, accepted)

JongHyun-ssi! please accept my heart toooo!!!

2010.05.19 13:59
Fan: [JongHyun] I'm loving KimJongHyun!!!!ᅲ Miss you darlingᅲᅲYou're my man~!!
[JongHyun] sork sp wndlsgkffo (I'll be your host!)

2010.05.18 17:07
Fan:[JongHyun] tell me now come on
[JongHyun] tell me nowᄂᄂ

2010.05.18 19:01
Fan:[JongHyun] Don't have an umbrella, it's raining! Send it over for me!^^ᄏᄏI'll be waiting.
[JongHyun] Where are you? I'll go.

aww... his just the sweetest thing EVER!!!!

* in English

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