Monday, May 17, 2010

[video] Jaebeom with his new cover... and my thoughts seeing him again! keke

CR: jayparkaom @ youtube

i know all of you guys have seen Jaebeom's video on youtube... ^^
i kept hitting reply on 5:29! hahah he's sooo adorable! hahah
oh and love the opening for best i ever had... JAY PARK AOM... IN MY BATHROOM AGAIN...
ohh jaebeom you crack me up!
and whats with the slowmo sound?! it really sounds weird slash scary...
and who the hell made that "whooahooo" sound!? hahahah it sounds like a horse's neigh! hahah ;p

anyways... im soo happy that Jaebeom already made a twitter! omooo!!!
finally right?!

anyways have fun watching the video if in case ou still havent watch it! ;p

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