Tuesday, April 20, 2010

[news] BEAST's Yoon Doojoon, Selca in the bathroom?

CR: Reporter Lee Eunji free@tvdaily.co.kr + SEOULFOOOD@B2STRISING.COM (TRANS)

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BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon’s picture that he took in the bathroom has been revealed.

Through an internet portal site, Yoon Doojoon’s selca (self camera) photo is spreading fast as the showerhead in the back along with the tiles illuminates that he is in the bathroom.

Those who have seen the picture responded, “His selca instinct hasn’t died as he even does it in the bathroom”, “This is too funny”, and “Taking a selca photo in the bathroom is the best” which brought laughter to many from seeing Yoon Doojoon’s selca photo.

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