Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[news] MBLAQ's G.O confessed about his love experiences.

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On the recent Mnet A-LIVE recording, G.O made an appearance with and Brown Eyeed Soul's Jung Yeob.

The 24 year old G.O boldly confesses, "I've had many relationships", shocking, "I've had 20 relationships, because I dated at such young age, my feelings for my girlfriend was strong."

When G.O said that his longest relationship lasted for a year, replied, "Well, how long could they get since he's already been in relationships 20 times at the age of 24", causing a burst of laughter.

After which, G.O and did a duet, and Jung Yeob said, "Somehow I can tell that he was a good lover. He has great emotions when singing, and his looks and his way of talking.." in which G.O jokingly replied, "Because looks are enough, it's ok if I don't sing strongly."

Jung Yeob states, "Usually I like romatic stuff. I always plan fun events. Because whenever we meet I will give my girlfriend flowers as presents, the ahjumma at the flower store would think I'm buying for different girls."

He also added, "Girls like it when the guy goes on his knees in front of many people and give the girl flowers, or when he just gives her a hug."

G.O, who has many love experience added, "I suck at making events. I prepare well for my girlfriend but she would just ask me to buy flowers."

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