Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[news] U-KISS Dongho Given Only 8 Syllables In Ukiss Debut Song

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aww.. poor Donho...
dont worry you'll get your own song as soon as your voice is all gathered up.. waehhehe

U-KISS's Dongho revealed that puberty is the reason why he wasn’t given many parts in a song.

On the April 20th broadcast of SBS Strong Heart, Dongho said "My puberty period came just as I'm about to debut as a singer. We were in the middle of recording the song for the first time when suddenly my voice didn’t come out. I got panicked."

Dongho revealed “Because of that, my parts in the song were reduced to 8 syllables.”

Hearing this, Super Junior's Eunhyuk steal the attention by saying "8 syllables are considered a lot." He commented on this "That was a lot. I only received 5 syllables" while Shindong replied “I don’t even have any parts. They only gave me a turned-off microphone!" which created a huge laughter among the guests.

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