Sunday, April 18, 2010

[news] MBLAQ Mir Exposing his past photos

CR: Sports Josun + Translation: mir-ified @ absolutemblaq

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"I will reveal my past photos by myself"

MBLAQ Mir has been receiving a lot of attention for posting up his own past photos. On the 15th Mir posted up pictures from before his debut on his cyworld minihompy. Although his round eyes and distinct features are the same, he seemed to be more fresher and younger. The Winnie the Pooh doll that is against his face is also cute.

Mir wrote a comment saying "I will post up my past photos myself" and "At the time it was the trend to be wearing circle lens but because I had no money I did it with photoshop" and caused a lot of laughter.

Fans who have seen the pictures and comments have shown hot reactions to it by saying 'His photoshop skills are really good' 'Skilled' 'So cute.'

On the other hand MBLAQ is working hard to prepare for the next album.