Thursday, March 25, 2010

[news] "If we see their happy faces, we feel more happy" - SHINee's Onew

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● You debuted on May and it's already your 2nd year. Being the oldest from the group, What do you think of SHINee recently?
Onew: I think we are accustomed in many different ways. When we are going to do something before, we're always shaking because we feel nervous. Of course it doesn't mean that we are not nervous now, But we feel more comfortable when were going up on stage and have eye-contact with our fans, Since then we are having so much fun.

● Do you often have eye-contact with your fans?
Onew: Yes of course

● So during the time, do you stare at the fans eyes steadily?
Onew: I stare and show my smile.

● That will truly make the fans happy!
Onew: Yes. They feel happy so If we see their happy faces, we feel more happy.

● During your activities of your mini album "2009, YEAR OF US", You often appeared at a variety shows right?
Onew: Yes, We are also getting accustomed to it and we enjoy it actively.

● Does Onew-Kun have interest to make people laugh?
Onew: Kwack!

● Eh? Eh? What?
Onew: Kwack! Kwack! Kwack! ^▽^

● It's Donald Duck! (laughs)
Onew: I doesn't hate to make people laugh like this! ^▽^

● You're so good! (laughs)
Onew: Two years have passed nearly so I had the time to show this kind of side.

● Can you tell us what kind of album do you listen recently?
Onew: Jamie Cullum's 1st Album. I really really love the song "Twenty Something". I also listen to George Benson.

● Besides music, What kind of things are you having fun?
Onew: I'm having fun recording and collecting the variety shows that I appeared and watch them.

● Do you really love yourself that much?
Onew: No! No! I'm not narcissistic ^▽^ It's not like that, I'm convincing of what the people are reacting to me like the things I said, the things that I had done. I don't have time to look myself at the actual spot so I check and get ready for the next recording.

● We are going to interview Jonghyun-kun next so do you have any message for him ?
Onew: I hope you will make more funny talk/stories. Please tell him! ^▽^

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