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[ufo] SHINee ufo replies 100325

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2010.03.25 10:10
Fan:[TaeMin] I received SHINee World Photobook already!!ㅋ Yes Oppa we are *best friends*!!! ♥♥ㅋSHINee
[TaeMin] Oh received SHINee World Photobook already? Yes~ we are *best friends* ? Yes~ i got it

2010.03.25 10:13
Fan:Taemin-ah school life is going well so must work even harder to prepare for the album

[TaeMin] Yes, i will also work harder to prepare the album. Of course~ Because school life is going well Erm I want to grab/seize both rabbits.(Grab/seize both rabbits is simlar to taking into account both parties)
I think it means taking into account of school life and the album?

2010.03.25 10:42
Fan:[TaeMin] LeeTaeMin-ah, your ability to sing is gradually improving. You feel proud when you recall right? Also come join nuna in the association.
[TaeMin] Join the association? Hmmm....What? 120 years later

Fan:[Onew] Oppa~ Have you gotten out of bed? I only slept for a while before I woke up suddenlyㅠㅠㅠ
[Onew] I have woken up. I'm going to sleep already.

2010.03.25 15:.
Fan:[Onew] It's Science lesson already, very sleepy
[Onew] Have a good sleep

2010.03.25 15:14
Fan:[Onew] Sleep during examination time??ㅋㅋ
[Onew] Have you slept ~

2010.03.25 15:18
Fan:[Onew] Oppa~~
[Onew] Yes~

03.25 15:18
Fan:[Onew] It's time for Physical education already ~~~~~~~~^^
[Onew] Relax in the sports

2010.03.25 14:59
Fan:[Onew] *What’s up man~*?
[Onew] Go already *man*(PS. In Korean, "come already" and "what's up" sounds the same)

2010.03.25 15:07
Fan:[Onew] Where are you going man*?
[Onew] Practice man*

2010.03.25 15:12
Fan:[Onew] I want to watch the premiere of man*!!*Fighting man man man*♥
[Onew] *Fighting* ~

2010.03.25 15:15
Fan:[Onew] You also *Fighting*♥ Tomorrow will be cold. For the fansigning must wear something warm♥Nuna caught a cold alreadyㅜㅜ
[Onew] Thank You!

2010.03.25 15:19
Fan:[Onew] Universal pretty boy Lee Jin Ki I like you the mostㅋㅋㅋI insist of not goingㅋㅋ♥
[Onew] ㄳㄳㄳㄳㄳㄳㄳㄳㄳㄳㄳㄳㄳ(PS. ㄳSounds like thank you )

03.25 15:22
Fan:[Onew] Uhㅋㅋㅋseems like i have bothered you SorryㅜㅜㅜㅜBye!!!!!!!
[Onew] Bye~

2010.03.25 15:26
Fan:[Onew] I'm very innocent.. whether it's day......I'm always docile..
[Onew] ^^

2010.03.25 15:01
Fan:[Onew] What animal do I resemble~? Like a rabbit that is as cute as Onew? ㅎㅅㅎ
[Onew] Hmmm..

2010.03.25 15:08
Fan:[Onew] Hmmm... Alreadyㅠㅠ? Because I'm very bored.....ㅎㅎ
[Onew] A bit...??

2010.03.25 15:09
Fan:[Onew] The place where i will see OnJuBong(Onew's character in the musical) is just at the B area at the front! I'm going with a bouquet of flower when the performance ends, must catch okay?
[Onew] Ah~~~~~~

2010.03.25 15:14
Fan:[Onew] The Onew who sings Lee Jin Ki who is great with *gag* Ju Bong who is made for act I like them all very very much~♥SHINee
[Onew] Thank You

2010.03.25 15:04
Fan:[Onew] Eat melon Really lonely...!
[Onew] Eat apple and Apologise(PS. In Korean, "Melon"&"Lonely" "Apple"&"Apologise" sounds the same)

2010.03.25 15:11
Fan:[Onew] SHINee knows SHINee??
[Onew] Yes

2010.03.25 15:12
Fan:[Onew] Your charm makes me infatuated♥
[Onew] ㄳㄳㄳㄳ(PS. ㄳsounds like thank you)

2010.03.25 15:13
Fan:[Onew] Fried meatball Fried meatball Is it nice??%
[Onew] Rabbit Is it rabbit?

Fan:[Onew] The pear is eaten into my stomach I'm full...
There are many relevance(PS. In Korean‘Stomach’‘Pear’ and ‘full’ sounds the same)

2010.03.25 15:16
Fan:[Onew] Grandfather and grandson went for a walk already but there's a mountain fire What must the grandson say?
[Onew] Santa Claus (PS.‘Santa Claus’ and ‘Mountain Fire’sounds the same in Korean)

2010.03.25 15:17
Fan:[Onew] Aiyo~ Don't be like that Just for onceㅎㅎ All you can think of is rabbit huh?ㅎㅎ
[Onew] Rabbit

2010.03.25 15:17
Fan:[Onew] I got my salary today!!!! Hooray~~~!! To commemorate, want to call for fried chicken takeaway?ㅎㅎㅎ
[Onew] Wow Congrats Congrats Congrats

2010.03.25 15:19
Fan:[Onew] Have you ever thought of having/accepting a gag apprentice/discipline~? I acknowledge/salute you as master!!Let me be your number 1 apprentice/disclpine
[Onew] Aigoo

2010.03.25 15:20
Fan:[Onew] I'm very scared of the cold~ It's already March! It shouldn't be cold already!![
[Onew] Hehe

2010.03.25 15:21
Fan:[Onew] Wow~ Am I a rabbit?Then I am the same animal as Onew...?ㅎㅎ
[Onew] Hmmm...... ㅎㅎ

2010.03.25 15:21
Fan:[Onew] Because of your blessings, my mood is better~SHINeeSHINee world
[Onew] ^^

2010.03.25 15:23
Fan:[Onew] Our company is the trading/commerce centre just beside Coex Artium! I want to rush there When Onew is performing
[Onew] Aha ~(PS. Coex Artium is the place where Onew is performing for the musicial)

2010.03.25 15:24
Fan:[Onew] I love you
[Onew] ^^

2010.03.25 15:26
Fan:[Onew] Now I am having a conversation with Onew correct? Wahㅠㅠ This is the happiest day ever since I was born
[Onew] We are having a conversation ~

2010.03.25 15:27
Fan:[Onew] When you see a sexy woman, will you walk up and approach?
[Onew] Hehe

2010.03.25 15:27
Fan:[Onew] What flowers do you like?? I will do a Onew kind of flower you have never seen before to give youㅋ_ㅋ
[Onew] Ah.....

2010.03.8 15:04
Fan:[Jong Hyun] Have you eaten lunch? What are you doing~ 1、Thinking of me 2、Thinking of nuna 3、Thinking nuna is really pretty
[Jong Hyun] Aren't all three options you?

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