Wednesday, March 24, 2010

[news] Korea new rookie band CNBLUE - 1st Album Released ~ Full House in Quattro


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South Korea 4 members band CNBLUE has just made a released of their 1st full
album 'Thank U'. To commemorate the release of this CD, 'CNBLUE 1st Album
Release Live-Thank U' live performance was held on 20th March at Tokyo

CNBLUE is a 4 members band which consist of Yong Hwa (Vo, G), Jong Hyun
(G, Vo), Jung Shin(B ), Min-hyuk (Dr) with an average age of 19 years old.
In 2009, they came to Japan to understudy and to gain more band experiences.
On the same year, they have also released two mini albums. In January this
year, the group have also made their debut in Korea. This time round,
they have just released their 1st full album 'Thank U' which included songs
from their previous two mini albums and also with two new additional songs.

It was full house on the Live performance. The fans were cheering loudly
as the 4 members of CNBLUE made their appearances on the stage. The Live
was started off with the song 'Intro', followed by a light pop tune of 'Lets
Go Grazy' and 'Love Revolution'.

After the 4th Songs 'Wanna be Like U', Yong Hwa made the greetings in Japanese,
'Good evening, we are CNBLUE! Thank you so much for attending this Live
event. We will work hard till the end for this Live performance!' Follow
up is a fresh rock song 'Never too late' which is sang by Jong Hyun and
with his ultra impressive performance on his guitar solo brought the Live
to a new climax. Next is the song 'Now or Never' and also followed by a
full length Japanese lyrics song 'Voice' whereby fans wave their hands together
to the rapid sensational worldly feel of this song. Thereafter is a heavy
beat song 'Just Please' which show the other side of their music ability.

Next is the song from their korea debut mini album 'I'm a Loner'. Despite
the fact that this song was the first time to be performed in Japan,
all the audiences responded and sang along. Thereafter, Yong Hwa sang two
english songs which had great influences in their music 'Let's Get Started' by
Black Eyed Peas and Maroon 5 'Harder to Breathe'. The entire hall was overwhelmed
with their outstanding performances.

Directly after the two cover english songs, Yong Hwa also sang the love
song 'Y, WHy...' which is accomplished through a beautiful falsetto vocal.
Right after this is Jong Hyun 'Teardrops in the rain' and with a final wrapped
up with the song 'One of a kind'. Before they left the stage, Jung Shin
said 'We are really very happy to be back in Japan again, today all of us
really enjoyed ourselves a lot. Thank you everyone for your support, the
next Live show has been decided and I promise that we will be back with
more better performances!'

Although the Live has ended but in order to satisfy the encore request,
the 4 members appeared on the stage once again. This time round they
performed another 3 songs including the Burning version of 'I'm a Loner'
and lastly with the ending song ''. The hall was filled up
with full passion as the fans wave goodbye to the 4 members.

Due to the overwhelmed success of this Live show, they have decided to hold
another live show 'CNBLUE 1st Album Release Live Encore -Special Thanks'
on 16th April at Liquid room Ebisu. All eyes are now on this band as they continue
to progress and improve.

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