Thursday, October 15, 2009

Introducing BEAST!

The name of Cube Entertainment's new boy group has been revealed. Say hello to B2ST, or Boys 2 Search the Top. or should i say BEAST.

A source stated, "Through MTV B2ST, the group revealed themselves as B2ST. After the debut, the group will keep growing up as a better group, being known as BEAST." Though this may seem like a dramatic change in English, in Korean, "2" is pronounced as "ee", so "B2ST" and "BEAST" are actually pronounced the same way.

BEAST's first mini-album, titled BEAST IS THE B2ST [eer ok.... ], contains 5 tracks.

01. Beast is the Best
02. Bad Girl
03. Misery
04. 아직은 (Yet)
05. Oasis

And now, they have finally released their MV teaser for their title song, 'Bad Girl'.

There MV was lead by director
Hong Won Gi, who had worked with Seo Taiji, Epik High, SS501, and 4minute. It is said that they had to make 2 parts because there were too many great scenes filmed, that cutting them out would be a huge waste.

CR: maestro-J @ allkpop + toto101

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