Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SHINee Message to SHINee World - Ring Ding Dong


Hello~This is shining SHINee!

Yes~ thats right.
We will be releasing our new concept through our 3rd mini album, the title has been revealed, right?
One, two, three!
RING Ding Dong~~
Ring, Ring~ the start note is the Ring~! Thats it for now~

First many photos has been released, we believe you will expect us,

Give us lots of love. When we come out~

Yes, you know 14th is the day for our title release? We hope you will really really love it.

Also, you can gets your expectation up for our upcoming new image and for our Great Music Video~

Yes, this was contemporary band, shinning SHINee.
Thank you.


CR: credit + source shinee.smtown.com + translation by JOJO + reupload by weareshining.com

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