Saturday, October 17, 2009

MBLAQ's sends off a message to their fans from their fansite!

09.10.14 21:25

공식팬카페 가족 여러분,
안녕하세요. MBLAQ입니다!!!

저희 MBLAQ이 엠카운트다운에서 데뷔무대를 갖게 됩니다!!!
이제 저희 MBLAQ이 여러분들의 사랑에 보답 해 드릴 시간이 왔습니다!!!
멋진 무대를 보여드리기 위해 오늘도 열심히!! 정말 열심히!!! 연습하고 있답니다!!!

음… MBLAQ의 작은 소망이 있다면….
내일 현장에 많은 팬들이 와주셔서 응원해 주셨으면 합니다!!!
처음이라 많이 부족 하겠지만 최선을 다해 열심히 하겠습니다!!!(꾸벅)
MBLAQ화이팅!!! 아자아자!!!

09.10.14 21:25

Family of the official fancafe, hello. This is MBLAQ!!!

Us, MBLAQ have the chance to have our debut stage on M!Countdown!!!
It’s time for us, MBLAQ to return your love for us!!!
We will work hard to show you a handsome performance!!! We will work really hard!!! We are practicing!!!
Mmm…if MBLAQ as a little wish…
It would be for many fans to come to the location and support us!!!
Although it may lack a lot of things because it’s the first time but we will do our best!!! (nod)
MBLAQ fighting!!! Aja aja!!!
09.10.15 12:40


안녕하세요!!! MBLAQ입니다!!!!!!!!!!예쁘게봐주세요!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
오늘,,,드디어,,,,첫방송을 하게되었습니다,,ㅠㅠ;;;;;;;;;;;!!!!!!!!!!!!(감격!!!!)
지금 밥을먹었는데 긴장이되서 이렇게 짧게나마 글을써봅니다,,ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
이제 곧!!!!!저희 엠!!!카!!!운!!!트!!!다!!운!!!으로 출발합니다!!!고고싱!!!!!
지금까지 저희를 걱정해주시고 예뻐해주시고 사랑해주시고 아껴주시고 생각해주시고
감싸주시고 껴안아주시고 다독여주시고 성원해주시고 응원해주시고 화이팅해주시고
지금까지 저희를 신인임에도 불구하고 많은 관심 가져주셔서 정말 진심으로 감사드립니당,,ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
항상 활발한 방송활동과 열심히하는 MBLAQ이 되겠습니당,,ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
이제!!!저희는 엠!!카!!운!!트!!다!!운!!!으로 출발하겠습니다!!!!!!잠시후에뵈요!!!!

09.10.15 12:40

First time visiting and writing a message!!! TT_TT

Hello!!! This is MBLAQ!!!!!!!!!! Please give us lots of love!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today,,,finally,,,,we will have our first broadcast,, TT TT;;;;;;;;;;;;;;!!!!!!!!!!!!
We felt nervous after we ate so we are writing a short message,, TT TT TT TT TT TT
Right now!!!!! M!!!CO!!!OUN!!!T!!!DO!!!WN!!! we are leaving to arrive there!!! Go go sing!!!!!
Until now, those who gave us love, cherished us, thought of us, protected us, hugged us, encouraged us, cheered for us, supported us, cheered ‘fighting!’ for us, those who showed interest in us even though we’re rookies, really, thank you from the bottom of our hearts,, TT TT TT TT TT TT TT
We will become MBLAQ who will work hard and be active in activities and broadcasts,, TT TT TT TT
Now!!! We will leave for M!!!CO!!!OUN!!!T!!!DO!!!WN!!! we will see you soon!!!!
Wa!!!!!!!!!! Woo!!!!!!!!!!

translation:julieKIMCHII@mblaqattack + soompi

CR: mblaq cafe@daum +

Isnt that sweet.. giving back the love to the fans!

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