Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kangin in DUI Accident!

Super Junior member Kangin just can't seem to stay out of trouble. After promising that he would never cause another outbreak, he gets slapped with a case of DUI.

At 3:10am on the 16th, an intoxicated Kangin crashed into a Taxi in Kangnam, Seoul, and then proceeded by abandoning the car and running away.

In the cab was the driver and 2 passengers, and it has been revealed that nobody has suffered any major injuries.

Although Kangin abandoned the scene of the accident, at 8:50am, he turned himself into the Kangnam Police. It has been reported that his BAC level was at 0.082%, however that was 6 hours after the accident.

A representative for the Police stated:
"We can consider the fact that Kangin confessed, even if it was some time after the incident, however, he abandoned the scene so we have to consider it as a hit and run. We'll investigate further in the afternoon."

daum + johnnydorama @ allkpop

aww poor Kangin. I think his depress with his previous trouble. He needs his friends and family now...

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