Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lee Ki Gwang vs. Lee Joon: Showdown of HOT Abs

Lee Ki Gwang of B2ST BEAST and Lee Joon of MBLAQ are responsible for a great majority of the sudden rise in blood pressure and uncontrollable breathing pattern in females. Both members of each rookie group revealed their "HOT abs" in the past few days, prompting netizens to draw the two hot bods in comparison.

Lee Ki Gwang bares his upper body for the first time in a scene from the MV teaser of BEAST's debut track "Bad Girl."
A representative of BEAST claimed, "In the middle of Lee Ki Gwang's busy schedule, he made time to exercise regularly and, hence was able to build chocolate-like abs."

On the other hand, Lee Joon flaunts his body in a more playful manner during MBLAQ's debut performance on M! Countdown. Although his upper half is only slightly covered by, what appears to be, a regular t-shirt that has gone through a paper shredder several times, the public got the chance to take a closer look at his defined abs as he lifts his shirt while doing a body roll (thank you to your choreographer!)

CR: BEASTmode @ allkpop


Hikari said...

Wow...two my favourite hotties O___O
I can't chose no one... They both has good bodies, about their characters I don't know so I can't charge.. :)

MeAndMyChingDongDoo said...