Thursday, March 18, 2010

[Audio] 100317 Shinee Onew Call-In to Maybee's Radio

CR: WRShining @ YouTtube + Translation Credits: oneemil

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mblaq and the radio djs were there and randomly called male idol memebers.
dj: you sound much older now!
onew: i was an adult 2 years ago *it was meant to be funny*
dj: the onew i know isn't like this!
dj: it seems like theres something we need to congratulate you on something!
onew: yes?
dj: you guys won an award in singapore! how do you feel about this?
onew: we only been to Singapore twice and we are very thankful to receive so much love from fans. we were really touched.
dj: did you say your speech in English then?
onew: just very short
dj: what did you say?
onew: i said thank you
dj/mblaq/others: oh thats good enough! thank you is good!
dj: then is there something you want to say in korean right now?
onew: um i want to say thank you for supporting us/loving us. i know i've said this but i want to thank everyone again
dj: theres something else we went to congratulate you on! your first musical debut! tell us about it
*background: ah! wow!*
onew: ah yes! it's about the story 'brothers were brave' it has a really good story to it. i was really happy to be casted.
dj: so hows it going right now?
onew: um, i've been practicing for about 2 weeks now and will be on stage during april.
dj: ah, so whats your role?
onew: i'm the little brother of the big brother.
dj: are you nervous about forgetting your lines?
onew: haha because i didnt practice enough, that can happen, but i'm looking forward to performing. whats the hardest thing about raising a child?
dj: so shinee members are also taking care of a baby!
onew: we're raising a baby named yoogeun. hes able to talk really well, so i think that's the hardest thing!
*others laugh*
dj: why why why??
onew: umm..hes able to express himself really well.
onew: i mean a cute baby is able to say 'no' so easily.
dj: i see! yeah i hate it when kids stick their tongue out on me!
others: babo too! and fart!
dj: haha okay onew! thank you so much for today's phone call. you must be really busy now. take care of your health and i hope to see you on 'maybee's volume up' soon!
onew: thank you so much!

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