Tuesday, March 16, 2010

[ufo] SHINee Onew 2010.03.15 UFO China Replies

CR:Credit: SHINee Baidu Bar + Original Source: UFO China + English Translations: vivz@soompi

Pls credit the sources and all translators/sites when reposting.

Fan: [ONEW] Onew oppa, I'm listening to your album! It sounds really good!
[ONEW]: Is it good? So happy.

Fan: [ONEW] Onew oppa, I miss you~ haha, when will we be able to meet? Oppa fighting! ^^ Please give me a reply~
[ONEW]: We will meet one day eventually.

Fan: [ONEW] Onew ya~ come to China~ I will make fried chicken for you ><
[ONEW]: Will make fried chicken for me, is that right?

Fan: [ONEW] Onew oppa~ I like you a lot! Your smile is so bright and shining~ fighting! Mm, it's my first time sending UFOs, so please reply me!
[ONEW]: Thank you for your encouragements ^^

Fan: [ONEW] Onew, you have to take care of yourself, waiting for your comeback and to stand on the stage again. You guys are the best!
[ONEW]: Really thankful~ I will comeback really soon ^^

Fan: [ONEW] Kids, you have to take care of yourselves in Singapore~ Onew ya, what should we do? Noona is worried about you~~
[ONEW]: Chicken < Shawols

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