Thursday, March 18, 2010

[ufo] 100308 SHINee Jonghyun UFO Replies

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HAiiishhh i soo wanna talk to Jonghyun...
His Just the sweetest thing eeeeverr!
His my adorable Prince you &#(&%^@$!

[FAN] That handsome prince over there! Come over here~
[JONGHYUN Princess come here ^^

[FAN] Omona! Prince is still awake at this time~ Let's meet! Let's meet right now~
[JONGHYUN] ^^ (You're) Cute

[FAN] Prince! Where are you??? Come out right now!!!!!
[JONGHYUN] I'm right here ~

[FAN] I'm Cinderella~ I lost my glass slippers ..ㅠㅠ.......keke
[JONGHYUN] I threw it away so I can go find you

[FAN] You're most handsome when you smile~*^ ^* Continue to smile~
[JONGHYUN] Smile heh

[FAN] Princeㅠㅠ I didn't sleep for days because I wanted to see you
[JONGHYUN] Really~?^^

[FAN] What does Prince like about me? You're perfect/loveable from head to toe heh
[JONGHYUN I like the way you talk keke

[FAN] Ah, you're making me have goosebumps keke Let's stop with the prince/princess now~ You're eating well right?
[JONGHYUN] Why did you suddenly change?

[FAN] It's going to get cold again, so wear warm clothes~ my love
[JONGHYUN] Okay okay

[FAN] Do you like the way I talk now? Or the prince/princess talk? I'll talk the way you want!
[JONGHYUN] Hehe your choice

[FAN] Where did you go Prince? Why did you leave me??? Do you not like me???
[JONGHYUN] Are you from out of the city?

[FAN] Ring ding dong ring ding dong ring diggy diggy ding ding ding ~ Prince, you're going to love me more!
[JONGHYUN] I want to sleep

[FAN] Guess where I live! If you guess right, I'll give you a kiss heh
[JONGHYUN] I want to sleep

nyak waheehe kep saying he wants to sleep >.<

[FAN] Love is always shaking, like if we can't breathe~
[JONGHYUN] Lyrics?

[FAN] Holding out our hands so we can feel each other ~ I see you with my eyes~
[JONGHYUN] Look at me me me

[FAN] Wasn't that touching?
[JONGHYUN] Those were from a song (lyrics)!


Angela-o-chii said...

Annyeong ! Wow ~ Envy >.<
How do you chat wif Jjong Oppa ?
I wanna do that too TT How HOw HoW ? So Cool ~ Nice to meet you my blog is

MusicFreak96 said...

yeah I've been trying to figure that out too! I wanna talk to him ...