Tuesday, March 16, 2010

[ufo] SHINee 100315 &100316 UFO Replies

CR: bobohero@闪耀星球 + English Translation: _idyllic@soompi

Pls credit the sources and all translators/sites when reposting.

2010.03.15 16:26
Fan:[Jonghyun] I really really like you, how do i live? No drive/energy, living seems to be a lie. Miss you ❤
[Jonghyun] Love's strength ㅋㅋ

2010.03.15 16:27
Fan:[Jonghyun] Oppa is so adorable ❤
[Jonghyun] Thank you* ㅎ
(*T/N: in English)

2010.03.16 00:24
Fan:[Jonghyun] Hearing Onew's song, the heart that loves Onew is more unyielding. I love you ❤
[Jonghyun] Thank you

2010.03.16 11:49
Fan:[Jonghyun] Can't seem to do revision ㅠ If oppa says Fighting to me, I'll be able to learn well ....
[Jonghyun] Fighting*
(*T/N: in English)

2010.03.16 17:40
Fan:[Jonghyun] Oppa~! Will you say "Eunji* ah, I love you" ㅠ? Just say this once "Eunji* ah I love you" ㅠ_ㅠ!!!
[Key] Eunji* i like you
(*T/N: Fan's name)

2010.03.16 17:42
Fan: Jonghyun ah~ Come and play with me~ ^^
[Key] (He is) Very busy ah

2010.03.16 19:46,
Fan:Where is Key appa??
[Taemin] At my side ㅋㅋ

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