Monday, March 15, 2010

[news] SHINee Minho broke the legendary record in high jumping

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Despite a busy international schedule, SHINee Minho didn't neglect exercising.

In KBS 2TV "Dream Team 2" episode aired on March 14, SHINee Minho and Mighty Mouse Sangchul challenged the high jump record of 2m 25cm by Jo Sung Mo. The Dream Team project "A challenge to the legendary history of sport" began.

The two men began training with athletic coaches: Professor Yo Hongchul for Minho and Director Lee Juhyung for Sangchul with positions, strength and flexibility exercises.

With SHINee members, Minho had an extremely busy schedule overseas to Japan, Singapore, HK, to meet fans and perform. However, he didn't neglect excercising. Minho faithfully followed Professro Yo Hongchul advice to bring to toe plate around the world and practice all the time he could.

After returning to Korea, Minho spent long time practicing to confront the record challenge with a high spirit, together with Sangchul.

Finally, Minho broke the legendary record in high jumping, passed the 2m 40cm bar, although not exceeding 2m 45cm.

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RapTheFrappe said...

this is SO BIASED!
why did u guys make an article about minho breaking the record when SANGCHU was the one who holds the NEW RECORD?
yea minho broke the record but sangchu did too. you guys are so biasd.