Tuesday, March 16, 2010

[news] Thousands of fans brave the storms to see the shining SHINee idols


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Thousands of fans brave the storms to see the shining idols.

Despite the heavy downpour, thousands of fans came to see SHINee under the rain.

SHINee who were being invited to attend the "Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010" celebration party, specially held a "SHINee (2009) Showcase" at IMM garden plaza to meet up with their Singapore fans. This showcase is sponsored by 'Wanbao E Le'(name of newspaper) and Radio Station 100.3, together with "Singapore Entertainment Awards".

Overnight queuing

Not wanting to miss this opportunity to the showcase, fans started queuing outside IMM on Friday night and waited until 9am on Saturday to purchase SHINee's album which comes along with the showcase ticket. 3000 copies of albums that are worth $65* each were sold out on Saturday. After attending the "Singapore Entertainment Awards" celebration party on the previous night, fans rushed down to IMM and queued overnight for the second time in order to get to the front row to get closer to their idols.

Fans waited for a long time and although it started to rain heavily before SHINee arrive, they were still very enthusiastic throughout the whole showcase. Under the screams of all the fans, SHINee finally made their appearance with the help of umbrellas held by the staff. Everyone of them were thankful to the fans who waited under the heavy rain. Leader Onew also mentioned that they were all very happy to receive the Asia New Generation Award in Singapore.

SHINee performed 3 songs in total, 'Noona is Pretty', 'Jojo' and 'Ring Ding Dong' . All the fans enjoyed their performance and the atmosphere was very overwhelming.

Fans also specially sang a birthday song in korean for Jonghyun whose birthday falls on 8th of April. At first SHINee were confused when they heard the birthday song but after clarifying, the birthday boy then began smiling.

The showcase ended after 30 minutes, SHINee then rushed back to the hotel they are staying in to visit a disabled Korean fan who is permanently living here in Singapore. According to news, the Korean fan likes Minho the most among the members, she appeared to be very shy in front of her idols and is very thankful to SHINee for visiting her.

Five boys revealing each others' secrets

Yesterday, during the Q & A session, SHINee showed the adorable side of them and revealed each member's secret.

The MC asked questions regarding about the 5 members and they will answer after Leader Onew shouts "1, 2, 3", showing a very adorable side of them.

Among SHINee, the person that is most.....

- popular among the female fans are Minho and Jonghyun
Minho feels that his eyes are the most captivating and Jonghyun said that his voice is the most charming

- frequently looking at the mirror is Key
When being asked the number of times he looked into the mirror in a day, he laughed and said: "Countless times."

- easily falling asleep when traveling is Onew
Feeling guilty, he closed his eyes and randomly point at the members while the rest of the 4 members said it's Onew in unison.

- tidy is Minho
He said proudly: "I am the most tidy and meticulous"

- able to take spicy food is Jonghyun
He mentioned that he tried before the local chilli crabs, "It's not spicy at all"

- able to act cute is Minho and Jonghyun
Both of them pointed at each other, the MC then request them to display their cuteness together. Jonghyun then constantly pat on Minho's butt and asked him to show an example. In the end, under the screams of all the fans, both of them showed their cute poses causing all the fans to go crazy.

*NOTE: The album was purchased at $35 and not $65 as what was reported by the newspaper

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