Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[ufo] CN Blue UFO replies

CR: saturn. @ soompi thread

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ufo_jonghyun_01 2010.03.17 02:53
[Jong Hyun] Jong Hyun, you played guitar and sang a song at Making the artist ep 5, what was that song?
[Jong Hyun] That's what I made

ufo_jonghyun_02 2010.03.17 02:44
[Jong Hyun] You are top in Japan! Oppa must be happy ~~kk
[Jong Hyun] Min Hyo Ku is more popular

ufo_jonghyun_03 2010.03.17 02:47
[Jong Hyun] Min Hyuk oppa is called Min Hyo Ku in Japan? Ah that's funny. No, you are the top.
[Jong Hyun] Yong Hwa Hyung is Yong Fa.

ufo_jonghyun_04 2010.03.17 02:33
[Jong Hyun] CNBLUE's mystic Jong Hyun, soon you will become Jjang(captain) in Japan.
[Jong Hyun] I am Jjang.

ufo_jonghyun_05 2010.03.17 02:43
[Jong Hyun] Kka KKung (Peek a boo, baby's word)
[Jong Hyun] I am 21....

ufo_jonghyun_06 2010.03.17 09:56
[Jong Hyun] My dear Jong Hyun, good night
[Jong Hyun] Wake up

ufo_jonghyun_07 2010.03.17 17:52
[Jong Hyun] When can I see your Song Do middle school graduation pictures?
[Jong Hyun] Yeah who will find it?

ufo_jonghyun_08 2010.03.17 09:25
[Jong Hyun] Do you remember any fan at Holika fan signing event?
[Jong Hyun] Seo Hyun kkkkkkkk

ufo_jungshin_01 2010.03.17 14:07
[Jung Shin] I miss your groove TT
[Jung Shin] My groove is expensive

ufo_jungshin_02 2010.03.10 02:50
[Min Hyuk] Min Hyuk, if you're gonna grow more than Jung Shin, you must goto bed now. Right now. Win Jung Shin's height.
[Jung Shin] What are you doing? My height is unrivaled.

ufo_minhyuk_01 2010.03.09 03:51
[Min Hyuk] Min Hyuk is going to sing?
[Min Hyuk] Muridesune (Japanese, That's too much.)

ufo_minhyuk_02 2010.03.15 02:28
[Min Hyuk] What happened to your lips? hope you get better soon
[Min Hyuk] Yes TT TT TT

ufo_minhyuk_03 2010.03.14 23:33
[Min Hyuk] Salve is eaten, lip-balm is better. I will buy you one, wait.
[Min Hyuk] TT Today my lips... TT

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