Sunday, October 25, 2009

[news] BEAST gets in a car accident!

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Rookie group BEAST got in a car accident today. Though they were involved in a car crash, the boys weren't hurt in anyway.

Because they are not injured, they will still perform on Inkigayo tomorrow with no problem.

The accident occurred during the day on the Seoul Han-Nam Bridge after they were coming back from Music Core and driving to their dance rehearsal location. Cube Entertainment described the tiny accident. "The car in front wasn't looking back and it was switching lanes without noticing that BEAST's car was right behind. It was a small accident where the two cars bumped into each other."

BEAST's representatives continued to say, "The members were surprised but no one was hurt."

After the accident, they got in another car and made their way to their practice room. Good to know the boys are safe, they can't back out of their battle with MBLAQ this easy.

CR: heartfacee @ allkpop

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