Sunday, October 25, 2009

[video] To who Taemin saying 'I Love You'?

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SHINee Taemin revealed his ideal girl on today's episode of Star Golden Bell.

All members of SHINee came on to talk about their new album as well as other secrets they've been hiding under their blankets.

It was surprising to see the youngest of the five reveal his ideal type but also nice to see Taemin confess like a real man.

The chosen girl was not a fellow idol, a Korean top actress or someone Korean at all!

It was none other Harry's Hermione, Emma Watson.

The MC's told 16-year-old maknae Taemin to send a video message to Emma Watson. Taemin said, "I'm always watching Harry Potter. I really like you. I love you."

On the same episode, member Key revealed Taemin is really gullible. Key said, "Once we went to a cafe and there was a vibrating sound that came on when your order was ready. He asked me what it was so I lied to him by saying that if you didn't pick up your order fast enough the vibrating sound would explode. And he believed me.

Onew also confessed that he was kissed by comedian Jung Ju Ri. While doing a comedy skit, Jung Ju Ri kissed Onew unexpectedly

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