Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[news] Details on Jaebeom’s Return?

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Over a month ago, ex-2PM leader Jay Park (Jaebeom) upped and left Korea after a MySpace scandal hit, and returned to his hometown of Seattle in the States. But is leaving that easy? Now that the fans and the scandal's aftermath has died down a bit, we're hit with the thing everyone failed to think about: the fine print.

Jaebeom, who auditioned for JYP in 2004 has been a member for five years, but his contract is signed for seven years. So what does this mean for the former star, is he going to have to return? There seems to be no other option; after all, it wouldn't hurt JYPE in any way to bring him back. In fact, the return of the loved Leadja would stop all the Hottest boycotts and more importantly for JYPE, boost sales. So it is possible that Jaebeom will be forced to return to avoid troublesome lawsuits.

Although he is not exiled from the country, many say the situation is very delicate right now and that his return might be impossible for the time being. So what time will Jaebeom return? An official gave his insight on the situation, stating, "Because of his contract with JYP, the chances of his return are high but it's all about the timing."

The JYP audition tour will be heading for Seattle on November 7 and people speculate that JY Park will be at the event and most likely meet with Jaebeom.

Source: Newsen

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