Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[news] Jo Kwon Diagnosed With Swine Flu

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It has been confirmed that he has swine flu, and his representative stated over a phone conversation that:
"Jo Kwon had been having severe fevers and cold symptoms since last week, so we went to the hospital to get him checked to make sure he didn't have swine flu - but the results were not as good as we'd hoped, and it has been confirmed that Jo Kwon has swine flu."

The representative added:
"The hospital was a bit busy and they released the results for his test a bit late, but he took Tamiflu and his health has gotten a lot better. He's in much better condition now and is currently resting. The other 2AM members are being tested for swine flu as well."

Jo Kwon did not participate in scheduled events with the group this past weekend and although his symptoms have subsided, he has decided to take a rest. In addition, Jo Kwon has been separated from the other members of the group to avoid spreading the infection.

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