Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[news] BEAST Stays in Touch with Fans

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Great news for our readers in Korea, it looks like one the hottest rookie groups as of late has jumped on the UFOtown bandwagon! For those of you that don't know, UFOtown is a popular Korean message service website for celebrities to directly read & reply to members' fan letters, a bit like Twitter. BEAST has also been diligently interacting with their fans recently by responding to some of the messages left on their page. Despite vowing to become Korea's top beastly group, these boys can't disguise their dorky personalities in their replies!

[To BEAST] I fell for you... T.T Take responsibility!!!! ♥
[Junhyung] I will take responsibility.. hope your love for us doesn't change

[To Yoseob] Seob Seob-ah, when will you go to sleep? haha I'm going to sleep now, do you want to turn off the lights and sleep together +_+ ??
[Yoseob] Sleep well! (in a cute manner)

Aw, cheer up Junhyung & Dongwoon... you boys debuted only two weeks ago and you're already wealthy with love & devotion from your fans!

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