Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[video] MBLAQ on Chin Chin Radio

CR: absolutemblaq + ghostwriter @ allkpop

They performed their own songs Oh Yeah, and G.O.O.D. Love. The also covered 포맨(Four Men)'s "고백(Go Baek)," and Maroon5's "This Love." According to a fan account of the show, Mir introduced himself as the rapper vocalist and eye candy of the group. When asked about Cheon Dung and Mir’s famous sisters debuting, Mir stated he cried when he watched his sister on the debut stage. They also briefly mentioned who their ideal girls were. G.O.'s ideal girl is UEE from After School, Joon chose Kim Yuna the famous figure skater, Cheong Dung chose Sohee from Wonder Girls, Seungho chose Ji Yoon from 4minute, and Mir didn't answer unfortunately.

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