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[news] Lee Minho visiting Taiwan, hopes to put on makeup and cook ramen for future girlfriend

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李敏镐来台 想帮未来女友化妆煮泡面
Lee Minho visiting Taiwan, hopes to put on makeup and cook ramen for future girlfriend

Lee Minho who reached stardom because of "Boys Over Flowers" visited Taiwan today for the Etude event. Lee Minho revealed the type of girl he admires and expresses that he currently does not have a girlfriend. However, he wishes to one day help his girlfriend to put on makeup and personally cook ramen for her.

Korean star Lee Minho attended Etude's event at "西华" hotel today. A lot fans having received news were waiting for him at the hotel hoping to catch the star in person. Lee Minho is expected to be in Taiwan for 18 hours.

Lee Minho appeared with his signature smile that made all the fans spell-bound. The host(MC) Yang asked Lee Minho what type of girl appeals to him. Lee Minho shyly replied that the person would most likely be petite and cheerful in personality.

Yang continued to ask what does Lee first notice when looking at a girl. Lee Minho replied that he looks at the eyes of the person. If the person's eyes have the charisma, people are bound to be attracted. However Lee Minho stresses that he currently does not have a girlfriend, if he had one, he would like to try to help her apply makeup.

Those present at the event were curious as to whether Lee Minho in reality would cook for his girlfriend just as Goojunpyo did in BOF. (Translator's note: I don't remember GJP ever cooking for GJD in BOF.) Lee Minho proudly replied that he is a pro a cooking ramen, and would definitely cook for his girlfriend, if he had one.

This marks Lee Minho's second visit to Taiwan. He expresses that the food he most wishes to taste is Taiwan's Small Dumpling. However due to the fact that he recently gained 5 kg, he has to restrain himself. Therefore if his fans were to present him with the dumplings, he would generously share it with everyone.

Lee Minho's role in BOF is that of a handsome guy. He expresses that he wishes to take on different roles, e.g. a lawyer, doctor, etc., he also wishes to try a rebellious role. There are too many different characters in society, all of which he hopes to have the chance to act as.

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