Monday, October 19, 2009

Child of Empire in crisis?

Star Empire, which is the agency of Jewelry, new boy band Child of Empire, and formerly V.O.S, is currently in a big crisis due to shortage of money.

On the October 19th episode of Mnet Return of the Empire Children, a representative from Star Empire stated:
"This year, our company, Star Empire, does not have much profit and we have no emergency backup plan to support it. With our singers transferring to other companies and being inactive, we have no choice but to go on with Child of Empire."

Because of this, Child of Empire will have to do public wingcar performances. Wingcar performances means that the singers will be going around in the public, doing performances, without the support of company PR or promotions.

In addition, Star Empire stated:
"This will help us, it is what V.O.S and Jewelry went through when times were hard. With Child of Empire consisting of 9 members and money problems with Star Empire, they will only be paid only 100,000 won (around $100) each for these wingcar performances. They will have to get food and pay their gas with it. It will be hard for them to survive for a total of 2 days and 1 night, but this will help them gain strength in their future performances."

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