Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kangin is Kim Young Woon the College Student

Amidst all these disasters drowning Kangin in his moment of shame, it seems like nothing can make the situation worse than it is now. I guess I was wrong, for the hatred from the netizens toward Kangin is now exponentially rising after hearing about the details of Kangin's confession towards the police.

According to the police representative who participated in the "interview" with Kangin on the 18th, Kangin revealed, "My name is Kim Young Woon (his real name), and I am a college student attending Kyung Hee University." Of course, to these busy and dutiful officers who work their butts off day and night to save citizens from danger, they were not aware that the man in front of them was actually the idol Kangin of Super Junior.

The officer to whom Kangin confessed to stated, "His identification card proved he was indeed an 85'er, Kim Young Woon. We asked for his occupation, and he answered "student of Kyung Hee University". We believed so, until we later found out that he was actually a well-known singer." This obviously proves that Kangin made an attempt to cover up his celebrity position, yet it ultimately failed.

The tolerance rate of the netizens had gone down low, and their bitter words toward Kangin continued nonstop.

"I guess he knows what he did wrong."
"If you were so afraid of being exposed as a celebrity, why did you even run away in the first place."
"It's a shame as another Kyung Hee University student to see our school's name on the internet next to the word 'Kangin'."

Some people may understand Kangin Kim Young Woon's psychological status at the moment: panicked and confused. We don't know whether he was trying to hide his idol status by using his real name or identifying himself as a citizen of Korea instead. However, many would probably say in unison that hiding his real identity was a foolish action, just making it plain worse. We hope that this issue will be resolved soon before it gets out of hand.

CR: rameninabowl @ allkpop

seriously he needs help...

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