Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[news] BEAST’s Album Is A Hit

CR: Maestro-J @ allkpop

New boy idol group BEAST / B2ST, who recently released the MV for their title-song "Bad Girl," has been a hot topic since their debut.

With their title-song climbing up the online music charts, over 10,000 people have ordered their mini-album.

One of the representatives for BEAST stated, "There was originally 5000 pre-orders, but after their debut stage and album release, 5000 more was immediately ordered. It's really unusual and almost unheard of to see a rookie group getting over 10,000 ordered albums... I think BEAST is getting more and more attention as people look at their performance and hear their songs. I think they're garnering interest because of the quality of the songs and their outstanding skills."

It's looking like BEAST is getting more popular by the second! The two rookie groups MBLAQ and BEAST be a great rivalry from many years to come with their fast popularity!

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