Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kim Bum’s shocking transformation

Kim Bum has gone through a shocking transformation.

The Boys Over Flowers star will be in a movie called Emergency and has gone through a 180 degree image change. With half of his head in cornrows, rocking shiny blue jackets, and smokey eye-liner, Kim Bum is now officially bad ass. His role in the movie, a host, pleasing ladies every night.

The cornrow hair is often rocked by Korean R&B/hip hop singers these days, such as TOP and Taeyang from Big Bang. This style symbolizes the strong emotion of the person who wears it, and can make hip hop songs have a darker image. It is said that Kim Bum, who doesn't have a very "dark" style, captured this image very well in the movie, and many fans are waiting for it.

Emergency, directed by Park Jung Hoon, is to be a love story (I thought it was going be a gangster movie...) and is expected to be released this December.

CR: kimchisteve @ allkpop

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