Sunday, October 18, 2009

Taecyeon and Wooyoung are back on Inkigayo

After nearly 5 weeks of hiatus, 2PM's beastly rapper Taecyeon and adorable goofball Wooyoung have finally made their long awaited return to SBS Inkigayo!

The two appeared on the show with new haircuts, hinting at a new start; Taecyeon had subtle wavy hair while Wooyoung rocked a bowl cut, claiming to be Inkigayo's "mascot". Taecyeon even showed off his sharp new self and busted out some moves to give the fans some reassurance. He also expressed his sorrow of KARA's last performance and dedicated a quick tribute of their famous "butt dance".

Appearing on the October 18th episode of the show, the two said, "We have our responsibilities as 2PM but also to our positions as MCs on Inkigayo. And to fufill these duties and promises to our fans, we have returned."

They also asked the fans to show them "more support from here on out." Perhaps recent events has left the group feeling alone in the dust?

Taecyeon and Wooyoung had stepped down from their positions as MCs back in September when ex-2PM leader Jaebeom suddenly left the group. Since then, much has happened with the Hottest fans but little with the group itself.

Due to the outrage of the fans and their unyielding will to have the singer return, JYP halted all 2PM activities which included big plans like a contest trip to Thailand with Nichkhun, media appearances, and even their new album. Now that the members are slowly making their way back onto shows like Star King and Inkigayo, and also performing for the first time as a 6 member group at last week's 2009 Dream Concert, does that mean 2PM is going to return and resume all its activities?

People have been skeptical about 2PM's full length album, which was originally planned for a release this month, and its release date due to Jaebeom's leave but will this mean that the album might come out near the end of the month? Only time will tell.

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