Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[video][Subs] SHINee Reveals the Making of “Ring Ding Dong” MV

CR: sfinee - shineesubs

SHINee recently revealed the behind-the-scenes footage for their latest single Ring Ding Dong and discussed the new mature concept behind their comeback.

In their latest music video, SHINee revealed a whole new level of maturity. In order to convey the different feeling, filming took place in a setting with a "magical" feel. The boys were reportedly fascinated with the set and spent much of their onset time looking around.

Despite the awesome set and new look, the boys are pretty self-critical - maknae Taemin confessed that he made multiple mistakes during his filming, and Onew noted that his outfit was slowly falling apart, piece by piece (though I'm sure some of you don't mind...). Later on when they switch back into normal clothes, Key teases that the fivesome has returned to their clean innocent look again.

CR: lawlietta @ allkpop

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